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Main products: Open Type Blind Rivets Close-ended Type Blind Rivets Multi-Grip & Uni-Grip Type Blind Rivets Mono-Lock & Now-Lock Type Blind Rivets Hem-Firm Type Blind Rivets Tri-Firm Type Blind Rivets Peel Type Blind Rivets DIN7337 Blind Rivet Manufacturer
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12 years
Our factory Foshan City Guangqingchang Metal Plastic Co., Ltd, an ISO 9001:2015 and IATF16949:2016 certified company in Guangdong Province, covering more than 8000m2 and having more than 100 employees , is a professional Blind Rivets manufacturer with the experience of more than 25 years. At the meantime, we produce various Screws and Lathe Pieces with different metal. With scientific management ideas and having more than 300 sets of international advanced equipments, our products are mainly used in electrical appliances, computers, toys, watches, glasses, instruments, furniture, automobiles, ships and other production areas. In addition, we can develop and produce various kinds of products with special specification and performance according to the needs of customers. Our purpose is to offer the best products, competitive price and good service for customers.
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