Dongguan Nisun Mould Co., Ltd.
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18 years
Dongguan Nisun Mould Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, and the second company that Kunshan Libiao precision hardware co., LTD. was founded in 2007 in kunshan, jiangsu province, We are specializing in the production of domestic one of the punch, the tooth plate screw mould factory.Imported from Europe and Asia leading level of development, manufacturing, testing equipment, has from Taiwan and several years experience in mould engineers;There is a group of experienced technical operation and quality control personnel;Main production JIS, ANSI, DIN, GB, ISO, etc all kinds of punch and tooth plate, and can according to your requirements, to meet the special needs of the market.
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Area:Guangdong Dongguan
Address:No. 52, Huangcao Langlou Ling District, Dalang Town, Dongguan City
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