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Yushung Metal  Products Co.,Ltd.
Yushung was established in August 1995, specializes in manufacturing brass fasteners, silicon bronze fasteners, phosphor bronze fasteners, aluminium bronze fasteners, etc. All raw material are from ISO certificated source. We manufacture fasteners for Marine, Electronic, Electric, Mechanical industries, etc. With our strong capacity to manufacture screw, bolt, stud, nut, threaded rod, washer, etc. We’ve been supplying our products to many countries like North American contries, EU countries, Asian countries, Australia, South Africa, etc. As a professional manufacturer of bronze & brass fasteners, Yushung has been dedicating to manufacture quality bronze & brass fasteners for all customers. Thanks to friendly cooperation with our suppliers of raw material, for the convenience of our customers, besides manufacturing brass & bronze fasteners with quality raw material. We also distribute silicon bronze rod, phosphor & tin bronze rod, aluminium bronze rod, navy brass rod, silicon brass rod, brass rod to meet customers’ one- stop purchase demand. Yushung is sincerely looking forward to your friendly cooperation to create a fruitful future. Equipment Yushung has all kinds of equipment over 200 sets including cold heading machine, slotting machine, rolling thread machine, cutting thread machine, CNC, lathe, punch as well as relative equipment. Raw material: Yushung purchase brass, silicon bronze, phosphor bronze, aluminium bronze rod / wire from ISO certificated source. Stand of products: According to ISO,DIN, IFI, ANSI, BS, JIS, GB as well as sample or drawing of customers. Motto of Yushung: Our mission is to satisfy our customers!
Main Products
Silicon bronze fasteners, CuNiSi fasteners,phosphor bronze fasteners, aluminium bronze fasteners, brass fasteners, silicon bronze rod, phosphor bronze rod, aluminium bronze rod, brass(naval) rod.
The Most Competitive Products
CuNiSi bolt,CuNiSi Nut,silicon bronze bolt, silicon bronze nut, silicon bronze hex cap screw, silicon bronze lag screw, silicon bronze carriage bolt, silicon bronze flange nut, silicon bronze washer, silicon bronze bolt, phosphor bronze bolt, phosphor bronze screw, brass screw, brass nut, brass bolt, aluminium bronze bolt, aluminium bronze nut, etc.
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Phosphor Bronze Hex Head Set Screw.pdf Phosphor bronze hex head set screw|Product Catalog 95 2017-01-01 下载
si la bolt.jpg High Silicon bronze lag bolts|Product Catalog 73 2017-01-01 下载
Bronze U-Bolt1.jpg Silicon Bronze,Phosphor Bronze U-Bolts|Product Catalog 96 2017-01-01 下载
silicon bronze bolts1.jpg Silicon bronze bolts|Product Catalog 83 2017-01-01 下载
lockwasher.jpg Bronze split lockwasher|Product Catalog 84 2017-01-01 下载
bronze rods.jpg Silicon bronze threaded rods|Product Catalog 70 2017-01-01 下载
Aluminium bronze.jpg Aluminium bronze fasteners|Product Catalog 73 2017-01-01 下载
Si La bolt1.jpg silicon bronze lag bolt|Product Catalog 46 2017-01-01 下载
Si screw.jpg Silicon bronze wood screw|Product Catalog 56 2017-01-01 下载
Phosphor bronze fastener.jpg Phosphor bronze fastener|Product Catalog 98 2017-01-01 下载
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