Yuyao Xiongji Hardware Co., Ltd. (Supplier)
Yuyao Xiongji Hardware Co., Ltd.
Yuyao Xiongji Hardware Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. We specialize in manufacturing various fasteners, such as sleeve anchor, wedge anchor, express nail, drop in anchor and more. Our products are mainly exported to Russia, Middle East, Australia, South America, Europe and other areas. We have one our own factory which covers an area of 2,000 square meters. Our two production lines are equipped with automatic cold heading machine, automatic punching machine and automatic thread rolling machine.Backed by these advanced machines and 30 experienced workers, we can supply 150 tons of products every month, and can deliver them to our customer in 45 days. Besides, in order to ensure the high quality of our products we have a professional QA team which has 13-year working experiences.
Main Products
Hex Bolt Sleeve Anchors,Flange nut sleeve anchors,Hex Nut Sleeve Anchors,Hook Bolt Sleeve Anchor,Eye Bolt Sleeve Anchor ,Ceiling Anchors ,wedge anchor,bolt anchor.HEAVY DUTY SHELL ANCHOR.BOLT ANCHOR "S TYPE"(sleeve anchor fish scale).metal insulation board anchor.Customization of various non-standard bolts.BOLT ANCHOR "S TYPE"(sleeve anchor fish scale)
The Most Competitive Products
We are a manufacturer. - Specification of our main products: 1. sleeve anchor: flang nut sleeve anchor, hex nut sleeve anchor, hex bolt sleeve anchor, hook bolt sleeve anchor, eye bolt sleeve anchor. 2.wedge anchor 3.hit anchor 4.hex bolt
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