Wenzhou Sanlin Metals Products Co.,LTD. (Supplier)
Wenzhou Sanlin Metals Products Co.,LTD.
Wenzhou Sanlin is an enterprise specialized in the production of Brass and Stainless steel Fasteners and Hardware with an annual throughput of 50 million. We mainly produce various kinds of nuts, bolts, screws, washers as well as non-standard hardware with the product standards ranging from Chinese GB, German DIN, Britain BS, America ANSI and international ISO. Over 95% of the products is for export mainly to more than ten countries/regions such as Europe, North America and South Asia etc.
Main Products
brass hex nuts brass cap nuts brass bolts brass screws brass washers brass precise hardware stainless steel nuts
The Most Competitive Products
DIN934-A2 stainless steel nuts, DIN934 brass nuts, DIN1587 brass cap nuts, DIN933 brass screws, DIN84/963 brass machine screws, DIN125 brass washers, DIN7603 copper washers
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