Hebei Xinyu Metal Products Co., Ltd. (Supplier)
Hebei Xinyu Metal Products Co., Ltd.
Cangzhou Xinyu Metal Products Co.,Ltd. was established jointly by senior technicians and business administrators specializing in producing punched hardware. The manufacture features refined processing and high automation, due to its practical experiences and constant pursuing advanced science and technologies which could be traced back to long time ago. Our main products include embedded T Nuts, Toggie Wings, Stamped Wing Nuts, Doggie Tooth Washers and so on. All those products are marketed to America, Canada, Europe and other parts of the world. Our highly refined automatic processing equipment that is reinforced by the products whole range specifications ensures outstanding quality and competitive prices—consistent quality and reasonable pricing, that is the very reason why the hardware made here is widely accepted throughout the world. "Credibility, which is based on top quality, always comes first!" is our motto. We are looking forward to all worldwide clients cooperation and the glory belonged to us all!
Main Products
Furniture T-Nuts Stamped Fasteners Riveting T-Nuts Washers Stamped Wing Nuts Pallet Nuts Weld Nuts toggle wing T-nuts,Wing Nuts,Stampings,Washers,Stainless steel nuts
The Most Competitive Products
T-Nuts Pallet Nuts Stamped Wing Nuts Tooth washers Wing Nuts Propeller Nuts Plain Base Nuts without Prongs Stainless Steel
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