Suzhou Ruibo Machinery and Electronics Co., Ltd. (Supplier)
Suzhou Ruibo Machinery and Electronics Co., Ltd.
Based on its professional and customizes service, Ruibo has been dedicated to the industry of fasteners for more than 10 years. Ruibo is specialized in manufacturing the high strength screw, nut, washer, stainless fasteners with high quality for industrial circle. To giving clients assistance in improving their market competitiveness, Ruibo provides the logistic system based on ERP makes the quick response possible, and establishes ISO9001:2008 quality system guarantees to provide the customers with high quality products. Ruibo has manufacturing plants supporting us to develop and produce non-standard products to meet the customized requirements. With the great supports of customers and under the continuous efforts of all employees, Ruibo grows in a high speed not only in the hardware products but also the extended products. Our goal is to become an integration supplier of the industrial products.
Main Products
NFE25511: kurled washer, disc springs, lock washer, French disc washer, Screw: NFE25511.DIN25201.DIN9250.DIN6796 disc conical washer, serrated washer
The Most Competitive Products
lock ring and spring pin under the standard DIN andGB,NFE25511.DIN25201.DIN9250.DIN6796,disc conical washer, serrated washer
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certification.jpg CERTIFICATION|Company Introduce 54 2017-01-01 下载
DIN25201 Nord-lock Washer.jpg DIN25201 Nord-lock Washer|Product Catalog 198 2017-01-01 下载
DIN9250 Double side knurl lock washer.jpg DIN9250 Double side knurl lock washer|Product Catalog 70 2017-01-01 下载
NFE25511 lock washer.jpg NFE25511 lock washer|Product Catalog 169 2017-01-01 下载
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