Dongguan Shibo Hardware Products Co.,Ltd (Supplier)
ongguan Shibo Haredware Products Co.,Ltd is a customized precision parts manufacturer which is located at Dongguan city,close ShenZhen China. With an area over 6200 square meters with more than 13 years experience. We specialize in manufacturing automatic lathe parts,cnc lathe parts,swiss machining parts, cnc milling parts and cnc turn-milling complex machining parts. All products and processes base on ISO , RoHS standard and pass ISO9001:2015.
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Type: CNC Machining or Milling,Turning,Drilling, Laser engraving,Deburring, Drilling,Knurling,slotting,CMM Material Capabilities:Precious Metals,Copper,Steel,Titanium ,Brass,Aluminum,Stainless Steel
The Most Competitive Products
OEM & ODM CNC machining parts,as per customer's requirement
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