Dongguan Sanhewlett Metal Products Co., Ltd. (Supplier)
Dongguan Sanhewlett Metal Products Co., Ltd.
1989 Taiwan company has established. 1993 Sanhewlett Metal Products (Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd.has established in China mainland. 2005, For expanding production capacity, we moved to Dongguan and established: Dongguan Sanhewlett Metal Products Co.,Ltd. (Registed capital: USD1500,000) Dongguan Taishan Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd.(Registed capital: HKD2,000,000) Floor area: 9,500sqm, Building area: 10,500sqm. Mar, 2007 Liyou Hardware Products (Tianjin) Co., Ltd has established. (Registed capital: HKD2,500,000) Passed TUV ISO9001:2000 System on Sep 2005. Passed SUD ISO/TS16949 System on Sep 2007. Passed ISO14001:2004 on Dec 2010. Main Markets: EUROPE, USA, JAPAN, INDIA & CHINA Business Scope: Professional Non-standard screws & nuts Manufacturer, mainly engaged in Automobile, bicycle, sport equipment etc. Main Production Machinery: Multi-stroke screw forming machine(12pcs), nut forming machine(2pcs), one die two blow screw forming machine(9pcs), press (4pcs), CNC lathes (2pcs), thread rolling machine(19pcs) and all kinds of mechanical processing equipment. Manufacturing capacity: M1.5*3mm~M12*300, M16*250mm Main Materials: Carbon(alloy) steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum etc. Quality Testing Machinery: Universal material testing machine, Rockwell & Vickers hardness tester, projection machine, salt spraying machine, 3-rolls thread gauge, torsion testing wrench, concentricity gauge, optical inpection machine, metallurgical microscope, etc. Monthly output: 250t/month. Address: A. The Xinqiao Industrial Zone, Tianxin Village, Huangjiang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, P.R.C. B. Jinyong road south, Shuangkou Town, Beicheng District, Tianjin City, P.R.C. Tel: +86 769 83518248(Dongguan) 022-86837818 (Tianjin) Fax: +86 769 83518243(Dongguan) 022-86837816 (Tianjin) E-mail: Web:
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non-standard fasteners, machine screws, self-tapping screws, insert nuts, rivets, hollow bolts & nuts.
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Bicycle Series,Sports Series, Furniture Series, Automotive Products, Other Series
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Tel:+86-769-83518248 022-86837818
Fax:+86-769-83518243 022-86837816
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