Haiyan Fasteners Factory (Supplier)
Haiyan Fasteners Factory
Our company, authorized by the State Bureau of Machinery Industry, is a specialized manufacturer producing standard fastening parts.With abundant resources, advanced processing technology for testing and inspection as well as complete set of facilities, our products, hexagon socket head screw/collar head screw ranging from M5-M16, are all made of top grade medium carbon steel and alloy steel with 8.8-10.9 intensive degree. Products for export are produced according to DIN, BS/ANS1 standard. While for domestic market, they conform to GB standard. Meanwhile, we also contract those projects of non-standard parts/molds of standard part,from designing to manufacturing.  We believe that Quality is the life of our enterprise. It` s our motto to honor contract and abide by our words. Our products sell well both in overseas and domestic market. Please feel free to contact us, either in person or through phones.
Main Products
carriage bolt hex head bolt flange bolts rivet non-standard fasteners Furniture fasteners
The Most Competitive Products
carriage bolt DIN603 M5-M12 hex head bolt GB70-86 DIN912 M5-M12 DIN931.933 DIN558.601 M4-M16 DBS1083 BS916 1/4"-5/8" ANSI18.211 1/4"-5/8" non-standard fasteners Furniture fasteners
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