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ShangHai BiaoWu (PMC) High Tensile Fastener Co.,Ltd is one of the largest fasteners manufacturers in China. Revenue of 2006 in local market totaled RMB120 million. Our company uses a web-based enterprise software management program by UFIDA to improve efficiency. The company also owns an 83,000sqm processing center, including 4 workshops: 120 sets Made-in-Taiwan machines in cold forming workshop, 8 lines in heat treatment workshop, 5 lines in plating workshop and 2 automatic packaging lines in the last workshop. The plant also houses an inspection center including full sets of QC equipment. Our company is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. It is also one of the few China makers in fastener industry to receive OHSAS 18001 approval. Top product of company is socket screws GB70-76,GB70-85 with head mark SV, used by No.5 & No.6 Chinese space ships. Hex bolts GB5782,GB5783 with mark SFC also achieve good reputation in China. Our policy: innovation and development are our never ending pursuit. Our goal: always to seek better performance. We are fasteners solution provider. Let's forge the future together!
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