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Xinyi Hardware Launches New Product: Wheel Nut
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Exhibition Name: Xinyi Hardware Launches New Product: Wheel Nut
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Xinyi Hardware, a renowned domed cap nut manufacturer, has announced that they plan to launch wheel nut in July. At present, they are preparing the pre-period work.

Wheel nut is one of domed cap nuts. Compared with other common domed cap nuts, wheel nut makes more demand of property class and technical contents.

Mr. Xu Yunxiang, general manager of Xinyi Hardware, introduced that in order to develop wheel nut, Xinyi carried out further upgrade in terms of technology and equipment. Recently, Xinyi imported four sets of six-station cold headers from Taiwan, with a total investment of over 5 million RMB.

Mr. Xu also explained us two reasons for the investment. On the one hand, as a professional manufacturer of domed cap nuts, Xinyi Hardware commits themselves to be much more professional and more dedicated. Some types of domed cap nuts are not available elsewhere but can be bought from Xinyi Hardware; on the other hand, along with the hot market of automobile, quite a few auto part buyers from all over the world came to enquire the orders for wheel nuts with Xinyi Hardware. To meet the market demand, wheel nut turns to be an essential project for Xinyi Hardware.

Company Introduction
Xinyi Hardware produces a wide range of domed cap nuts, stainless steel domed cap nuts, steel domed cap nuts, etc, with a monthly output of 7,000, 000 pieces. In terms of domed cap nuts, the sales of Xinyi rank top in China. Moreover, Xinyi has the most favorable price. The products are processed according to the JISB1183 standard and are adhered to the requirement of National Quality Supervision Testing Center. Xinyi is also an ISO9001:2000 certified company. It was awarded "credible and reputed company" by Municipal Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau in 1995, 1997 and 1998.

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