Yuyao Yuxin Fastener Systems Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Sleeve anchor, wedge anchor, drop in anchor, chemical anchor, hex coupling nut, round coupling, spring toggle, gravity toggle, shield anchor, tire wire anchor, nylon hammer drive anchor, nylon easy anchor, and other Anchors & Nonstandard fasteners & stamping products. Hollow wall anchor,Wedge anchor,Nylon anchor,Sleeve anchor
Country/Region: CHINA/Zhejiang Tel : 0574-62939308 ; 13456109797
Main Products:
Wedge Anchors, Through Bolts, Tie Wire Anchors, Heavy Duty Anchors, Sleeve Anchors, Metal Frame Anchors, Drop In Anchors, Ceiling Anchors, Zinc Alloy Hammer Drive Anchors, Zinc Alloy Easy Drive Anchors, Hollow Wall Anchors, Many Kinds of Plastic Anchors, such as Nylon Hammer Drive Anchors, Fish Like Anchors, Easy Drive Anchors. wedge anchor\sleeve anchor\drop in anchor\chemical anchor
Country/Region: China/Zhejiang Tel : 18967826379
Yuyao Xiongji Hardware Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Hex Bolt Sleeve Anchors,Flange nut sleeve anchors,Hex Nut Sleeve Anchors,Hook Bolt Sleeve Anchor,Eye Bolt Sleeve Anchor ,Ceiling Anchors ,wedge anchor,bolt anchor.HEAVY DUTY SHELL ANCHOR.BOLT ANCHOR "S TYPE"(sleeve anchor fish scale).metal insulation board anchor.Customization of various non-standard bolts.BOLT ANCHOR "S TYPE"(sleeve anchor fish scale)
Country/Region: China/Zhejiang Tel : 0574-62267698
China W.T Fasteners Co., Ltd
Main Products:
Self drilling screws& Self tapping screw series, Hexagon bolts & nuts, Flange bolts & nuts, Foundation bolts, Sleeve anchor and Wedge anchors etc. Besides we can produce according to your design and drawings
Country/Region: China/Hebei Tel : 86-18-003305116
Jiaxing Meiming Hardware Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
DIN 975 Threaded rod Drop In Anchors Flange Nuts DIN 6923 Hexagon Head Screw Nylon Insert Lock Nut Stainless steel products Wedge anchors Flange bolts Non-standard Non-standard Hook 47 Non-standard 4 Welding nuts Carriage bolts Wood screws Double-threaded screw
Country/Region: /Zhejiang Tel : 0573-82297290
Sanwei Fasteners Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Hex bolts, nuts, chipboard screws, drywall screws, self-tapping screws, wood screws, wedge anchors, shell anchors, drop in anchors, sleeve anchors, thread rods,etc. screws ,bolts ,anchors
Country/Region: China/Shanghai Tel : 021-64604216
Main Products:
FASTENER ( BOLTS , NUTS, WASHERS, ANCHORS, SCREWS),DIN934,wedge anchors Washer Sleeve anchor
Country/Region: China/Zhejiang Tel : 13666782181
Handan ShuangZi Metal Products Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
self drilling screw, drywall screw ,hex bolt &nut, wedge anchor and thread rod.
Country/Region: /Hebei Tel : 15188910639
Taizhou Fengye Metal Product Co., Ltd
Main Products:
production and sales of stainless steel self tapping screws,Mechanical screws,nuts, rivets,washers(plain washers and spring washers),wedge anchor, stainless steel undercut anchor, aluminum extrusions, expansion screws and other standard or non-standard fasteners and curtain wall accessories.
Country/Region: /Jiangsu Tel : 13337783151
Main Products:
bolts sleeve anchors wedge anchors drop-in anchors screws hex nuts washers
Country/Region: China/Zhejiang Tel : 0574-62279555-8016
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