Haiyan Ausin Hardware Co.,Ltd
Main Products:
Our main product line is Self Drlling Screw , we also have sub production line for Drywall Screw, Chipboard Screw and Tapping etc. We are selling the products to South America, Middle east countries and Africa .By supplying stable quality goods with excellect trade service ,we win the confidence from different customers and have established long-term business relationship with them.
Country/Region: China/Zhejiang Tel : 0573-86129299
Main Products:
garage door fasteners,hex bolts,hex head bolts,hex socket head bolts,hex flange bolts,hex flange head bolts,carriage bolts,track bolts,eye bolts,fishtail bolts,hanger bolts,self-tapping screws,sheet metal screws,roofing screws,self-drilling screws,TEK screws,drywall screws,coach screws,split pins,chipboard screws,hex nuts,hex cap nuts,hex serrated nuts,spring nuts,weld nuts,castle nuts,special nuts,threaded rods,plain washers,spring washers,square washers,bonded washers,s hook,anchor
Country/Region: China/Shanghai Tel : 021-58903118
ShangHai BiaoWu (PMC) High Tensile Fastener Co.,Ltd
Main Products:
flange nylon insert lock nuts,square head bolts,guardrail bolts, Hex Nuts,Hex Thin Nuts, Nylon Lock Nuts,Plain washers, Hex Flange Nuts,Self-tapping screws,Drywall screws,T-BOLTS,U-BOLTS,Hex bolts, Combine bolt,Hexagon flange bolts,Machine screw, High strength Double end studs ,
Country/Region: China/Shanghai Tel : 021-63177707-1534 ; 021-51285033
China W.T Fasteners Co,. Ltd
Main Products:
Mainly we process the following products: Hex Bolts & Nuts Self drilling screws Self tapping screws Drywall screws
Country/Region: /Hebei Tel : 18003306455whatspp/wechat
Main Products:
self-drilling screws, tapping screw, drywall screws, chipboard screws, furniture screw and construction screws, etc.
Country/Region: china/Zhejiang Tel : 0573-86862922,13456211822
Jiangxi Jingwei Yili Fastener Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Our main products include stainless steel/ iron tapping screws, drywall screws, bolts, studs, washers, set screws etc. we can also customize non-standard parts. What’s more, we can supply kinds of bolts with round head, big flat head, countersunk head, washers, cheese head; tapping screws with flat head, countersunk head, round head, big flat head and washers; self-drilling screws with hexagon head, flat head and round head.
Country/Region: China/Jiangxi Tel : 0793-6726885,13822637778,0757-85569546
China W.T Fasteners Co., Ltd
Main Products:
Self drilling screws& Self tapping screw series, Hexagon bolts & nuts, Flange bolts & nuts, Foundation bolts, Sleeve anchor and Wedge anchors etc. Besides we can produce according to your design and drawings
Country/Region: China/Hebei Tel : 86-18-003305116
Sanwei Fasteners Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
Hex bolts, nuts, chipboard screws, drywall screws, self-tapping screws, wood screws, wedge anchors, shell anchors, drop in anchors, sleeve anchors, thread rods,etc. screws ,bolts ,anchors
Country/Region: China/Shanghai Tel : 021-64604216
Handan ShuangZi Metal Products Co., Ltd.
Main Products:
self drilling screw, drywall screw ,hex bolt &nut, wedge anchor and thread rod.
Country/Region: /Hebei Tel : 15188910639
Main Products:
Our main products are self-drilling screw, drywall screw, chipboard screw, self-tapping screw, wood screw, furniture screw, concrete nail, roofing nail, bolt, nut, washer, anchor, rivet and non-standard fasteners according to drawings. Our fasteners are widely used in electronic appliances, instruments, machinery and building etc. Din933,Din97
Country/Region: china/Beijing Tel : 010-84785786
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