2012 CFD Plus First Appears on M-Tech Tokyo
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Welcome to CFI’s Booth 30-14 to get the latest CFD magazines and information of China’s fastener industry for free!

The 16th M-Tech Tokyo opened on June 20, 2012 at Tokyo Big Sight. The most popular media—China Fastener Info (CFI) attended the show again as the supporting media. Representatives of CFI also brought the newly published 2012 China Fastener Directory-Plus (2012 CFD Plus) to the show.

Welcome to CFI’s Booth 30-14 to get the latest CFD magazines and information of China’s fastener industry for free!

Visitors on Day 1 decreased due to the powerful typhoon Roke. Some exhibitors according to their previous experience said visitors will increase after the typhoon.

The M-Tech Tokyo is Japan's largest exhibition gathering all kinds of mechanical parts such as bearings, fasteners, mechanical springs and metal and plastic processing technology. The 16th M-Tech Tokyo attracted around 1300 exhibitors. The 23rd Design Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions Expo (DMS), 20th 3D & Virtual Reality Expo (IVR) and 3rd Medical Device Development & Manufacturing Expo (MEDIX) are concurrently held. There are nearly 100 fastener exhibitors in the exhibition. And most of the rest are local companies in Japan.

It’s worth mentioning that it is a “Country of the Year” of M-Tech 2012 Tokyo. India has built up a huge pavilion to showcase their power and their highly demands for entering Japanese manufacturing market. There are 74 Indian exhibitors in total attending the exhibition. Indian Pavilion is organized by EEPC INDIA who is the body of government and support companies who want to step into overseas market. Japan and India concluded EPA (Economic Partnership Agreement) in 2011. EPA surely enhances the trade between two countries. And 2012 is also the 60th anniversary of Japan and India diplomatic relations.

China Pavilion

Korea Pavilion

The fastener exports of Indian for 2010 ~2011 rose 40.49% to US $251.14 billion.

India Pavilion

There are 13 Chinese fastener companies in the exhibition, say, Shanghai Jingyang, Ningbo Jinding, Eagle Metalware, Haiyan Huashang, Zhejiang Zhapu Industrial, Suzhou Xinkai, Ningbo Haixin, Zhejiang New Oriental, Haiyan Yuxing, Ningbo Xinxing, Ningbo Jintai, Ningbo Qunli, Dongtai Jianglong, etc. CFI will release the follow-up reports about them to you later.

Some visitors show keen interest in Chinese fastener companies but know little about them for they haven't purchased fasteners from Mainland China before. For instance, a buyer inquired about suppliers of some special fasteners in Mainland China. After knowing that there are many special fastener manufacturers in China he left his name card for further contact.

To our delight, some buyers have deep impression of China Fastener Info and always been paying attention to the website of www.chinaFastener.info. They also knew that CFI would attend M-Tech Tokyo and they came for the CFD magazines.

Buyers are getting brochures of the 8th Fastener Trade Show Suzhou

Many visitors think highly of the Fastener Trade Show and some said they will attend the upcoming 8th Fastener Trade Show Suzhou scheduled for November 1-2, 2012 at Suzhou International Expo Center.

In fact many Japanese companies are quite familiar with Suzhou where some of them have built plants.

Suzhou is the emerging “manufacturing city” of China with the No.1 ranking of GDP per capita in Yangtze River Delta. As one of the central cities in Yangtze River Delta, Suzhou is less than 200 km away from Shanghai, Jiaxing, Wuxi, Ningbo, Hangzhou and the like fastener manufacturing cities. What’s more, the Suzhou International Expo Center is located in the Suzhou Industrial Park, a well-known cooperative program by Chinese and Singaporean governments. The park is a very competitive zone in fields such as electronic & information, machinery manufacturing, precision parts and so on.

Furthermore, Suzhou, renowned for its stone bridges, pagodas, and meticulously designed gardens, is a great tourist attraction in China. It is also dubbed the “Venice of the East”. After having a pleasant talk with professionals in the show, you can also have a delightful tour in Suzhou, a historical city in China.




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