What Visitors Say about 6th Fastener Trade Show?
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The 6th Fastener Trade Show saw its great success on November 12, 2011 at Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo Center. The show attracted 302 exhibitors to over 400 booths, displaying the latest products and technology in around 13,000-square-meter area to 7726 professional visitors from throughout China and 36 countries and regions, including the United State, UK, Germany, Italy, Russia, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Australia, Singapore, India, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Africa, Turkey, etc.

The journalists of China Fastener Trade Show interviewed some visitors. Most of the visitors thought high of the show, and said they had found suppliers or some were quoting.

The 7th Fastener Trade Show is scheduled for May 25-26, 2012, at Chengdu Century City New International Convention & Exhibition Center, Chengdu, China. Hope to see you again, dear friends!

Taiwan CMC Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)

I visit the Fastener Trade Show almost every time. I come for RUSPERT with six containers every month. I have contacted Miss Liu Zhen, the purchasing customer service manager of China Fastener Info, who showed me around in the exhibition and helped me found lots of suppliers. Some companies have given me the price quote, and some are still discussing with us. As a matter of fact, I once visited the Canton Fair, but only found one supplier. This time I came with the samples because I knew that I could found no suitable suppliers elsewhere if I found no in the Fastener Trade Show, the most professional fastener trade show in China. In addition, CFI’s service is very considerate.

Bandariyah International Co., Ltd.--Beijing Representative Office (China)

Headquarter asked us to visit the 6th Fastener Trade Show by mail so as to find more suppliers. We mainly purchased bolts in 6.8 grade, nuts in 8 grade, U bolts, washers, threaded bars, etc. We have placed an order with one company from Haiyan for one container of threaded bars. Some are under discussion. I think the Fastener Trade Show is very good and professional. I visited many fastener companies and collected a lot of materials. When will the next show be held? Please remember to send us the invitation in advance.

IKEA Components (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd (China)

Miss Liu is very considerate. She warmly recommended some suitable suppliers to us. We this time not only purchased fasteners but also some machines. We have found some suitable machine suppliers and will recommend them to the IKEA suppliers. Only by this way can we make sure the quality of KIEA products. We will go on to visit the Fastener Trade Show next time.

Changan Auto Co., Ltd. (China)

Headquarter sent us to find potential suppliers for auto high-strength fasteners in the Fastener Trade Show. We meet some auto and high-speed railway suppliers and now are discussing with them. We are very familiar with China Fastener Info and usually visit your website www.chinafastener.biz for suppliers.

Note Electronics Co., Ltd. (China)

We have found a great many suitable suppliers in the exhibition for various fasteners including screws, nuts, washers, etc. The value is over 100, 000 RMB every year. We even make orders with some companies on site. The exhibition is good. The service is excellent, very considerate.

GUDE Hardware (China)

The Fastener Trade Show is the only one in China that we visit every year because the show is very professional. All the exhibitors are fastener and related companies. We have no comments for the show because you have done well in all respects.

Midea (China)

Our leaders asked us to visit the Fastener Trade Show for screws and the like fasteners, and for the developmental trend of the fastener industry. We have been to the Fastener Trade Show for times to look for potential suppliers.

Toshinori Kato (Japan)

This is my first time to the Fastener Trade Show. It’s my great honor to visit the show. I benefit a great deal from the show because I not only get better know about the current situation and developmental trend of China’s fastener industry, but also found 10 interest companies. This is to me a really important experience. We will keep eye on the development of China’s fastener industry in the future and may consult China Fastener Info for more information.

Mamoru Ogaki (Japan)

We mainly come for moulds. We are glad to communicate with many fastener companies face to face in the show and visit their factories later. We got a lot of information on the fastener industry. We even have made preliminary cooperative relationship with one companies and will considerate the long-term cooperation with it.


We have found three potential suppliers for clear plastic type fasteners. The show is very good. The catering service, exhibition environment, service of exhibitors and organizer is good, too. I often read the China Fastener Directory (CFD) magazine, which I think is a very useful magazine to find suitable suppliers. I will also visit the website www.chinafastener.info more frequently and  will continue to visit the next show. Please send me the invitation two months earlier before the show.

Ravi Parkash (UAE)

The organizer’s service is excellent. We are very satisfied with it. We purchased various kinds of fastener involving nuts, bolts, threaded bars, washers, foundation bolts, and wedge anchors in all grades. This is my second time to the Fastener Trade Show. We have found potential suppliers. We keep purchasing 10~15 containers every month. The China Fastener Directory (CFD) is very useful for finding suppliers for our products. I will come to visit the next show, and I hope in the coming months more factories will join in this exhibition. Cheers!

Rahul Suri (India)

We got a lot from the show. We come to China 3~4 times every year for purchasing raw materials, machines, hex wrenches, hex bolts and nuts and so on. We have been to the show for times. We collect many and many materials and found some potential suppliers. After the show, we would go to visit their factories in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Shandong, etc. We often read the China Fastener Directory (CFD), which is very useful for our overseas purchasers.

Darshan Parekh (India)

The Fastener Trade Show is very good. We visit the last edition, too. We often come to China to import fasteners including machine screws, rivets, etc. We once cooperated with one company in the show and met it today. Their quality is very good. We have found 10~15 suppliers. We would pay a visit to their factories later. We plan to order 70, 000RMB for these products. China is one of the biggest fastener export country. We like importing fasteners from China because the price is good and the quality is getting better and better although the fluctuation of RMB has negative impact on our purchase. We will continue to visit the next Fastener Trade Show.

Rajinder S.Sond (India)

I have found 2~3 suppliers for moulds and machines with the expected value of 50,000 US dollars. It is my first time visiting the show, which is very good. I went to the show held in Shanghai twice but I think this show is much better than that one. I have even made an order on site.

Farook Daya (South Africa)

This is my second time visiting the Fastener Trade Show for all kinds of screws. We plan to order around 25000 US dollars. We feel quite satisfied with the show and have found suitable suppliers.

Kangwan Lertjuntharangkoon (Thailand)

The Fastener Trade Show is good. We have found some suppliers for screws. Please send me the invitation half a year in advance.

IIIypuk (Russia)

We come for various kinds of fasteners with the expected value of US$ 30000-40000. Guangzhou is good. I hope the show is held every time in Guangzhou. We do not know other places.



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