Go Deep in Japanese Fastener Market—M-Tech-14th MECHANICAL COMPONENTS EXPO OSAKA Review
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M-Tech-14th MECHANICAL COMPONENTS EXPO OSAKA (M-Tech Osaka) opened on October 5, 2011 at Intex Osaka, Japan.

M-Tech is the largest mechanical component exhibition in Japan organized by Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd. The exhibited product range includes mechanical components, materials, moulds and related equipment. The concurrent events involve 14th Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solution Expo Osaka and 2nd Medical Technology Expo. The show attracted around 700 exhibiting companies with around 40 fastener companies, most of which were local companies. Besides, the show specially set up Taiwan Hall and Korea Hall comprised of about 13 exhibitors from Taiwan and 12 companies from Korea.

This was the fifth time that China Fastener Info attended the show as the supporting media. Companies namely Haiyan Yuxing, Ningbo Xinxing and Ningbo Jintai from China mainland also exhibited in the show.

On Day 1 China Fastener Info’s (CFI) booth attracted lots of visitors who came for China Fastener Directory (CFD). Representatives of CFI enthusiastically invited them to the 6th Fastener Trade Show to be held on November 11-12, 2011 at Poly World Trade Expo Center, Guangzhou, China and the 7th Fastener Trade Show scheduled for May 25-26 at Chengdu Century City New International Convention & Exhibition Center, China.

Left: Miss Chen, CFI’s consultant, Right: Fiona, CFI’s supervisor

Left: Mr. Nagao, president of “World of Screws”, Right: Fiona

Japan’s fastener imports (rivets excluded) from China rose 0.43% to 59,000 tons, taking up 51.45% of the total amount with import value rose 11.58% to 11.56 billion yen, accounting for 33.71% of the total amount. From these data, we can see that Japan is a very important market to Chinese exporters.

As to fastener produced in China, many Japanese visitors noted that the price of China’s fasteners is very competitive and the development of China’s fastener industry is extremely fast. With more and more products exported to Europe and America, many Chinese companies are beginning to build up their brands. Therefore, many Japanese purchasers have great interest in fasteners imported from China. Some Japanese purchasers also hoped that Chinese manufacturers can go on to improve their products’ quality. They also said that the convenient transportation was another reason that they chose to purchase from China.

Recovery after Earthquake

According to the Japanese government, Japan’s supply chain has been recovering since the late April 2011. It predicts that the recovery will be strengthened as the plants’ production and mining industry revive, and the individual consumption, public investment and housing investment are on track.

We also found that the impact of earthquake on Japanese companies is little now, but the negative influence of Europe’s debt crisis is great, because most of Japan’s fasteners are exported to European and American countries. It was estimated that Japan fastener exports during the first half of 2011 decreased with export volume down 3.50% to 150,791 tons and value down 4.19% to 119.6 billion yen.

Fastener exports to China from Japan during the first half of 2011 also declined with export volume down 6.32% to 37,089 tons, taking up 24.6% of the total amount, and export value down 6.87% to 29.1 billion yen.

Some Japanese companies will turn their eyes to Chinese market due to the recession in Europe and USA. It was reported that many Japanese companies have set up plants or offices in China mainland, mostly in cities such as Shanghai, Dalian, Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou to reduce production cost and expand business. Representatives of CFI invited them to the 6th Fastener Trade Show to be held on November 11-12, 2011, the best way to enter Chinese market.

Japan's fastener meida:"World of Screws" and "The Fastening Journal"


Meanwhile, some Chinese fastener companies find it hard to enter the Japanese market. As a matter of fact, it is more difficult for Japanese buyers to find suppliers in China mainland. How to be found by buyers? Here, we give you three pieces of advices. First, you can enter the Japanese market through exhibiting in exhibitions such as Fastener Trade Show. Second, you can know the Japanese buyers through some general trading companies (sogo shosha). There are many these kinds of companies in Japan which are greatly familiar with the whole industry. You are not necessary to find the famous general trading companies that usually find appointed suppliers for help. You can find the less famous ones but with rich experience. Third, you can make your companies known by professional platform such as China Fastener Info. It is known that many general trading companies are apt to search information through some renowned and professional websites.

On top of these, representatives of CFI paid a visit to some exhibiting companies from China. These companies said they have been finding it hard to explore the Japanese market because end-users in Japan attach much importance to the product quality. Most of the products produced in China mainland cannot be reached their requirements. However, the after-earthquake reconstruction and the developed electronic and auto industries demand a great many fasteners. The price of fasteners produced in China is quite competitive since the cost of Japan’s fastener production is high. For this case, some quality Chinese fastener companies are active to expand their business in Japan.

Haiyan Yuxing

Ningbo Jintai

Ningbo Xinxing

Taiwan Hall

Korean Hall

Special booths

Some exhibitor held seminar in booth to attract customers



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