What Visitors Say about the 4th Guangzhou Fastener Trade Show?
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The 4 Guangzhou Fastener Trade Show saw a great success on September 10, 2010. It not only attracted a myriad of domestic visitors, but also attracted many professional overseas visitors from countries including Japan, America, France, Russia, Australia, South Korea, Poland, Singapore, Iran, Britain, Denmark, Spain, India, Turkey, Germany, Norway, Italy, the Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Slovenia, Nigeria, Malaysia, Ireland, Canada, Chile, Kenya, Saudai Arabia, Argentina, Croatia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Slovak Republic, etc.

Journalists of China Fastener Info has interviewed some of the visitors in the show and after the show. Now let’s see what they said about the show.



Roma Precision Pvt. Ltd.  Managing Director  (India)
The fair is excellent. I like the fair very much. The exhibition environment, exhibitors’ manners and organizer manner are all excellent. We have found so many suppliers through this show, which was out of our expectation. We, of course, will participate in the next 5th Suzhou Fastener Trade Show, please send me the invitation one month earlier.

BRALO, S.A.  General Manager  (Spain)
This show is good and has a great future because customers and suppliers needn’t spend lots of time and money taking part in those too big and expensive shows but can easily get satisfied outcome in this more specific show. In addition, the organizer’s manner is excellent.
We are a manufacturer, but we also need to purchase some products such as rivets, rivet nuts and moulds. We plan to purchase these products for RMB3,000,000.

Suntech Buildcon Pvt. Ltd.  Managing Director (India)
The show is really excellent. It is well organized, and there is no problem for us to find our suppliers. We cannot only find one supplier, we find too many. We are a trading company and we look for tools, machines, fasteners and wires. We know all about China Fastener Info, and we of course will visit your next show at Suzhou.

Anixter  Vice President APAC (UK)
The show is very good. The exhibition environment, exhibitors’ manners and organizer’s manner are all good. We get the show information from friends, the website and magazines. Till now we have found some potential suppliers and we will visit the 5th Suzhou Fastener Trade Show since we often visit your show even every year.

KJ Fasteners Ltd   Managing Director  (UK)
The show is good. On Day 1 I have found two potential suppliers, and I am going to find 5-6 suppliers in this show. Previously, we imported nuts from India, and haven’t imported nuts from China before. So we are going to import nuts from China now. We plan to order nuts for 1,000,000 pounds. Although the antidumping duty imposed by China on EU is light, it has some impact on us; so we only import nuts from China.

ARJUN Screw Factory  Partners  (India)
The show is excellent. The exhibition environment, exhibitors’ manner and organizer’s manner are all excellent. I have found more than 20 suppliers for self-tapping screws, self-drilling screws, chipboard screws, drywall screws and allen bolts. We plan to order these products for 50-100 tonnes per month. We surely will visit the 5th Suzhou Fastener Trade Show. Please remember to send us the invitation.

This is my first time to Fastener Trade Show organized by China Fastener Info. The outcome is good. We come here to purchase several kinds of fasteners. We have found some good manufacturers in the show and have been in touch with them.

This is my first time to China. The show is good. We have found lots of suppliers for carbon steel, brass fasteners, screws, threaded rods and anchors. I have no suggestions for the show because it is perfect.

CEDRAY PTY. LTD.  General Manager (Australia)
The show is excellent and effective. I have found many suppliers for rivets, nuts and bolts. I will contact them for further talks later on.

FUJITA RASHI TRADE CO., LTD  Deputy General Manager (Japan)
This is my second to the show. This time nearly all of our colleagues came, even the general manager. We are interested in nuts and bolts used for auto and hope to cooperate with some Chinese manufacturers. As Japanese Yen appreciated, cost importing fasteners from Japan become higher, so we really want to establish a long-term cooperation with some quality Chinese companies in high managerial level. Hope more and more quality auto-used fastener manufacturers will show their products in the fair so that we can find more good suppliers.

NAGAYAMA CO., LTDDeputy General Manager  (Japan)
This is my second time to the show. I found that both of exhibitors and visitors have increased; therefore, there are more choices for me to find suppliers. Quality for China’s fastener becomes better and the ranges are more. Currently, as China’s economy keeps growing while Japanese keeps declining, more and more Japanese enterprises are paying attention to the Chinese market. I think there will be more and more Japanese enterprises coming to China to purchase fasteners as labor level and quality of Chinese products improve.

The show is good. I have been doing business with China for years. We import special parts, nuts, washers and G.8 bolts and the like for 8~9 million dollars every year.

Boltnn.ru  Director (Russia)
We have found some suppliers for all kinds of screws. And we plan to order screws for 50,000 dollars per month. The show is good and we hope your show can become better and better.

This is my third time to the show. And this time several colleagues from our Shanghai branch came as well. The outcome is excellent. We have found several suitable suppliers. I really appreciate it. More and more Japanese companies come to China and set up their subsidiaries here so Chinese market is quite important for Japanese companies. What’s more, as the Japanese yen keeps appreciating, more and more Japanese companies in China want to purchase fastener in local while reduce import from Japan. By this way, the delivery can also be shorter.

NESSCO  Manager of Construction Division  (Australia)
We plan to purchase rivets, screws for 1,000,000 dollars. The 4th Guangzhou Fastener Trade Show is a good place for us to find suppliers.

Tehran Novin Fasteners Co., Ltd.   General Manager  (Iran)
The show is good. We are one of the five largest trading companies in Iran. We import all kinds of fasteners, and we now import 1000 tonnes for bolts every year from one Chinese company. 90% of our products are imported from China mainland and the rest are from Taiwan.

THE TRADESMANN SL (PVT) LTD  Senior Product Executive (Sri Lanka)
The outcome of the show is good. I have already found many suppliers on Day 1. I come here to purchase all kinds o f stainless steel fasteners. The show is very good and I am quite interested in your magazines and those technical books.

Sundram Fastener (Zhejiang) Limited  Country Head  (India)
We manufacture screws and we come to this show for nuts and washers. We have found many suppliers. We will go on participating in the 5th Suzhou Fastener Trade Show because this show is quite useful.

J.K. SCHRAUBEN  Import Manager   (Slovak Republic)
The exhibition is excellent. The exhibition environment, exhibitors’ manners and organizer’s manner are all excellent. I have found some suppliers mainly for screws, nuts, rivets, welding screws, threaded rods.

Honeywell Productos Automotrices   Global Purchasing Manager (Mexico)
The show is good. On Day 1 I have found 12 suppliers, and I will have a further talk with them on Day 2. I plan to order special and customerized fasteners for 1 million pieces, but the exact number should be decided by the further talks with manufacturers.

HANTANA (PVT) LTD  Director  (Sri Lanka)
The show is excellent. We are a trading company doing business with end-users from all walks of life. And the industrial manufacturer is unique. So I need to purchase all kinds of fasteners. Manufacturers in your show cover 80% of all products I need, and I also found potential suppliers.

ALSTOM(Wuhan)  Project Coordinator   (France)
The show is well organized and good. We have found 4~5 suppliers for duplex stainless steel fasteners, which are quite special. We will visit the Suzhou Fastener Trade Show since the show is very useful.

BlackBurn  Director  (India)
The show is good. We have found 7-9 suppliers till now. We plan to purchase self-tapping screws and other screws for 1 million pieces. And we may consider visiting your next show.









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