Developmental Trend of Sino-Japan Fastener Industry—M-TECH-14th MECHANICAL COMPONENTS EXPO Report (2)
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Japan's Ministry of Finance reported Japan’s 2009 exports of fasteners dropped 29.4% from the previous year to Yen 191.9 billion. Imports fell 40% to Yen 5.3 billion. Steel bolt exports - accounting for 44% of all fasteners - fell 20%; export of nuts - 21% of fasteners - dropped 28%; and small screws (12% of fastener exports) were down 29.3%. Likewise, import of steel bolt accounts for the largest percentage of all fasteners. Besides, China is Japan’s largest importer and exporter of fasteners followed by America and Thailand. As seen above, China is Japan's largest trader of fasteners.

As the 2009 financial crisis reduces, Asian economy takes lead in the global recovery and China’s export of fasteners in the first half of 2010 shows a substantial rise including exports to Japan. According to the data from Jiaxing Fasteners Import & Export Manufacturers Association, Jiaxing’s export of fasteners to Japan reached 9.08 million dollars during the first five months of 2010.

As the weather vane and the window of Japan’s manufacture, the M-TECH-14th Mechanical Components Expo not only showed us that many Japanese fastener companies saw recovery in the first half of 2010, but also implied a very paramount trend, that is many Japanese companies are setting off a rush to build plants in China in order to save cost.

Thus, the competition between Japan and China of fastener industry will be quiet fierce in the future. However, it may be a good opportunity for China’s fastener companies to improve its quality for competition can help upgrade China’s fasteners. On top of the advanced technology and innovative spirit that we should learn from Japanese, there many other aspects that we should learn from them, such as their strictness which can be found even in their product display (see photos below).

Now let’s have a look at the unique features of some famous companies:

Jiashan Weiyue Fastener Co., Ltd.

Changshu SHPC & Mechanical Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Zhongbin Fastener Mfg Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Jinding Fastening Piece Co., Ltd.

Kunshan Chenghe Standard Component Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Xinxing Fasteners Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Companies from Taiwan:

Fong Yien Industrial Co., Ltd.

Cheng Dai Co., Ltd.

Special Booths from Japan:

Japanese companies are very strict with their products display:




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