Lots of surprises—Wires & Fasteners Ukraine 2010 Report (2)
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Ukraine is the second largest country in Eastern Europe, covering an area of over 600,000 square kilometers. It has a population of 45 million. According to the latest statistics from Jiaxing Fasteners Import & Export Manufacturers Association, from January to April, 2010, Jiaxing fastener exports to Ukraine reached 2.51 million US dollars, up 192.13% year-on-year.

Although the financial crisis has greatly impacted the Ukrainian market, a variety of economic data in recent Ukraine show that its market is of high potential. Furthermore, its host of UEFA European Football Championship together with Poland will accelerate the construction of its related facilities, which helps boost the economic growth. Therefore, this visit to Ukraine is valuable for China fastener companies to understand the Ukrainian market.

Surprise 1: Welcome the visitor flow

Surprise 2: Warm-hearted buyers

Surprise 3: Draw overseas media's attention



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