Fastener Fair Stuttgart Report (1)--CFD 2010 released
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On October 7, the Fastener Fair Stuttgart 2009, organized by Fastener Fair Company, kicked off at the new Stuttgart Messe, Germany. China Fastener Info, as one of the supporting media, attended this exhibition and spread the latest China Fastener Directory 2010.

It is reported that the Fastener Fair Stuttgart this year covered a total area of 20,000 square meters. Exhibiting products included fasteners, fastener production equipment, materials, inspection and packaging equipment. Exhibiting companies involved manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, importers, exporters, fastener related moulds, associations, traders and media. It attracted a total number of 624 exhibiting companies from 37 countries and regions, an increase of approximately 43.4% compared with 2007. We noticed that Taiwanese enterprises took up the largest percentage, with a total number of 141, followed by Germany and China Mainland with 113 and 66 respectively. According to Fastener Fair, approximately 60% of exhibiting companies were European, with leading contingents from Germany and Italy, both showing substantial growth. In total 20 European countries were represented. Fastener Fair said the exhibition also had a major presence from Asia, led by Taiwan, with China and India also both strongly represented. This year’s show had also seen a doubling of the number of Turkish fastener companies represented.

(Fig.) Exhibiting companies by country/region, provided by Fastener Fair

Having communicated with visitors, reporters of China Fastener Info founded that most of the visitors came from Europe, and German visitors accounted for a significant percentage. Most of the purchaser mentioned the influence of antidumping. Unlike what we’ve heard from other exhibitions, some companies said that they had already found the solutions, while some gave up importing from China. For example, Mr. Dirk Hauff from Schafer Peters GmbH (German company) said due to the antidumping, they now only imported bolts and nuts from China and did not consider importing screws from China. Ms. Yera Camara from Chavesbao (Spanish company), said thanks to the Chinese fastener companies who set up factories in Southeast Asia, they still continued to import from China.

In addition to distributing the CFD2010 and introducing Chinese excellent suppliers, China Fastener Info also previewed and invited customers to attend the 3rd Fastener Trade Show (March 23-25, 2010, Leisure Expo Garden Exhibition Center, Hangzhou, China).

The next Fastener Fair will be staged in the UK at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry.  In September 2010, Fastener Fair will return to the beautiful city of Budapest.  And the International Fastener Fair will return to Germany in 2011 at a date to be confirmed.

(L to R: Fiona Guo, Customer Service Manager of CFI; Rina Hu, Media Consultant of CFI; Stephanie Wu, Customer Service of CFI)


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