Review 3 – National Manufacturing Week (NMW) 2009
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The name “Australia” is derived from the Latin Australis, meaning “Southern”. With a current population of 21 million, Australia covers an area of 769, 000 square kilometers. A large quantity of immigrants and the different cultures they bring along inject vigor into Australia. Every year, there’re plenty of travelers come to this small continent in the world. In spite of the fast developing tourism, the Australian government also attaches great importance to the country’s industry.

Reed, the organizing committee of NMW, did an effective job with religious organization, which is definitely worth learning concerning the 2nd Fastener Trade Show organized by China Fastener Info. Jack, manager of Exhibition Department of Reed, had a conversation with DU Jie, head of Publicity Department II for Fastener Trade Show. Jack said, “As the organizing committee, we should be responsible for all the exhibitors. Everything can be done well as long as you really put your heart into it. ” Jack was also glad to see China Fastener Info exhibit in NMW and invited us to attend 2010 NMW which will take place in his hometown Sydney.

Although NMW closed, China Fastener Info captured many splendid moments. Let’s check out the following well-decorated booths.

well-decorated booth 3

well-decorated booth 4

well-decorated booth 5

well-decorated booth 6

well-decorated booth 7

well-decorated booth 8

well-decorated booth 9

well-decorated booth 10

well-decorated booth 11

well-decorated booth 12

well-decorated booth 13

well-decorated booth 14

Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne

Hardware + Tools Middle East will open in Dubai, UAE in May 17, 2009. China Fastener Info will continue to distribute CFDs. Please pay close attention to it!


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