Review 2 -- National Manufacturing Week (NMW) 2009
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Melbourne, with a population of 3.21 million is divided by the Yarra River along which is a magnificent sight. The culture of Melbourne was greatly enriched by flocks of immigrants after the World War Two. Futurism architectures and Classicalism architectures display a striking contrast around the Federation Square, a new settlement for residents. Melbournians are born optimists. They seem to get used to the changeable weather, and will comfort the tourists, “It doesn’t matter if you are not accustomed to the weather here. It will be fine later.”

              Yarra River

On the second and third days of the National Manufacturing Week (NMW) 2009, the number of visitors like the changeable weather of Melbourne was increasing as the exhibitors were waiting. The “Manufacturing Outlook” panel discussion presided by Mr. John Blakemore, National President, Manufcturing Society of Australia, was held at the exhibition scene and lasted for two hours. The theme of the panel was about how Australian manufacturing industry keeps its competitive edge. The panelists held that Australian manufacturing industry should embrace globalization, but only by focusing on its own competitive advantage, principally on its intellectual capital rather than try to compete with China and India in mass production. They also believe that Australia has become world leaders in innovative ability and added value and must constantly evolve to stay one step ahead.

Bird’s eye-view

At the panel discussion scene

There were many buyers coming to our booth to get China Fastener Directory (CFD) during these two days including some professional fasteners such as Coventry Fasteners, AUSTRALIAN FASTENERS, United Fasteners and the like. As to lots of fastener end users whose purchase orders were less, they should figure out how to get these orders and make them profitable, which will be also a new challenge to Chinese fastener export enterprises.

On the third day, the closing time of the exhibition was at 8:00 pm. But, interestingly, 10 minutes before the closing time, a Chinese-Indonesian university student, who was studying in Australia, came to our booth to get the CFD entrusted by his father.

The three Australian fasteners aforementioned have become our members through China Fastener Info ( So far there are 46 Australian registered members with 58 demanding messages.

Czech Group

Mainland China Group

There were around 30 enterprises coming to this exhibition, among which were some renowned companies in China such as Shanghai Prime Machinery Co.,Ltd.,Kunshan Chenghe Standard Component Co.,Ltd, and Chengdu Duolin Electric Co., Ltd. After talking with them, we knew that they were also greatly influenced by the financial crisis and anti-dumping, and hoped to open up new markets to adapt to the development of their companies. Here were our interviews of these three companies.

The attendee of the Shanghai Prime Machinery Co.,Ltd were Mr. Yang who was a salesman of the export and trade department and one of his colleagues. Mr. Yang was surprised to see our booth here. Meanwhile, he expressed his delight to see our frequent presence at exhibitions and his pleasure to cooperate with us. He also thought highly of our magazine China Fastener and felt satisfied about the outcome of this exhibition.

Kunshan Chenghe Standard Component Co.,Ltd. likes taking part in various exhibitions, to boot. The attendee of its company was Miss Ding who was of the foreign trade department. Miss Ding didn’t feel surprised to see us here because she had got some information of our routine from our website. Influenced by the European Union anti-dumping, her company hoped to explore more diversifying international markets. She also pleasingly accepted our invitation to the Guangzhou Fastener Trade Show on September 23.

Miss Xie and Mr. Xu, the manager of Chengdu Duolin Electric Co., Ltd attended this exhibition. Faced with the fierce competition in the market, Duolin has been dedicated to developing new products. This time they displayed their latest products on screen in hope of promoting their products in Australia. According to Mr. Xu, Duolin started to develop the international market since last September mainly due to the steady development in the domestic market and its company’s urgent demand for expansion. In half a year, Duolin has succeeded in establishing business relationship with customers all over the world including Thailand, Pakistan and South Africa. Their main new products involving MFP 100-600 equipments focus on the high-end market. Mr. Xu considered us the most popular fastener media in China. Therefore, they have been keeping close cooperation with us, seeking for market expansion by virtue of our influential publicity.

Taiwan Group

Well-decorated booth 1

Well-decorated booth 2

Street of Chinatown

More news about NMW, please pay close attention to Review 3.




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