IFE Review 2 – talking with foreign buyers face to face
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The weather in Cleveland seems like unpredictable. It was sunny on the first two days, even a little hot. Everyone in the street wore short clothes. However, it turns out a rainy day today with a temperature drop of 10 degrees Celsius. Unbelievable!

Cleveland is located on the southern shore of Lake Erie, near the mouth of the Cuyahoga River and approximately 100 km west of the Pennsylvania border. It is the capital of Cuyahoga County, Ohio. It was founded in 1796 and became a manufacturing center owing to its location at the head of numerous canals and railroad lines. With the decline of heavy manufacturing, Cleveland’s businesses have diversified into the service economy, including the financial services, insurance, legal and healthcare sectors. The famous basketball team Cleveland Cavaliers is in Cleveland.


Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Detroit Pistons

Foreign buyers get CFDs and Fastener Trade Show brochures at the publication section.

Foreign buyers get CFDs

Recommending Chinese fastener suppliers to clients

SACMA from Italy

Rockford Manufacturing Group

One US Agent of JAGULAR Industry Ltd.

Rim Jhim ISPAT, one Indian manufacturer of raw material, handed in Booth Application of Fastener Trade Show on the spot

Steve Copeland, Vice President of Reed Machinery, has an optimistic forecast of Chinese high-end market

Alan J. Hariton, Manager of Hariton Machinery, showed deep concern for Fastener Trade Show and wanted to buy mold from China

During the expo, there is also a series of seminars. The following is one photo of the lecturer -- Ms. Jo Isenberg-O’Loughlin, Editor of a magazine American Metal Market (AMM). This seminar is focused on the production and price trend of carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel.

More news about IFE, please pay close attention to Review 3.



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