09 Ferroforma—Photo Highlight 3
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According to the name cards received in the first three days, fasteners buyers from Spain take the largest share among all the fastener buyers in 09 Ferroforma. In addition, buyers from Portugal, Italy, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Germany, Morocco, Lebanon, the United States, Slovakia, Argentina, China Mainland, Taiwan, Malaysia and other countries and regions came to inquire for CFD, consulted for inquiry information, and readily accepted the invitation for the 2nd Fastener Trade Show organized by China Fastener Info.

During the first three days, China Fastener Info pointedly interviewed some foreign buyers. Based on our calculation, 70% of the buyers have fastener purchasing experience in China Mainland, with areas centralized in Ningbo, Shanghai and Zhejiang.

Most foreign buyers think now the world is still under the shadow of financial crisis. During this transitional period, companies should actively respond to grasp stability. Some mold buyers said economic situation in Spain now is very severe, and the unemployment rate has been rising. Precision screws distributor from the United States believe it needs at least one year to wait for the micro-economic improvement.

About the EU anti-dumping issue, the following are reply from foreign buyers:

One Spanish buyer expressed due to the impact of anti-dumping issue, now the company imports nuts from China, and bolts from Vietnam; another buyer said they used to import fasteners from China till the anti-dumping issue, now they change imports from Malaysia and Vietnam; as for the manufacturers of big-size stud bolts, they said since their products are not in the scope of anti-dumping, they are not on the impact.

By right of the wide range of products, one Italian fastener buyers expressed, even though anti-dumping issue affected them, it’s not a big deal. Their strategy is to import less products in anti-dumping range and more out of this range.

Fastener buyers from Netherlands told China Fastener Info that they have eight regular suppliers in China before the implementation of EU anti-dumping measure. Now this number has reduced to 2-3. At the same time, he also expressed the company would consider setting up a branch in Shanghai.

In addition to the above-mentioned foreign buyers, China Fastener Info also interviewed one fastener exhibitor from the Netherlands--Global Fastening Solutions (TyRex), a company majoring in providing customers with fastening systems. The Sales Manager--Mr. Carlos said that it’s their first time to participate in Spain hardware exhibition. Their products are mainly used in the construction industry, and he hopes the government can take measures to stimulate the construction industry.

Mr. Carlos—Sales Manager of Global Fastening Solutions TyRex



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