09 Ferroforma—Photo Highlight 2
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On March.26 local time, when 09 Ferroforma came to the second day, the visitors increased apparently. While distributing more than 500 CFD, China Fastener Info today also exchanged views deeply with domestic exhibitor and foreign buyer members.

Domestic Exhibitor Members

Interviewee: Ms. Zhang Yu—Sales Manager from Hunan Liangang Fasteners Co., Ltd.

Established in 1992, Hunan Liangang Fasteners Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in rivet nuts. With its inside and outside sales of 50% percentage, Liangang has thousands of user companies in its mature domestic market. Though Liangang began exports in recent years, the brand “Liangang” are greatly received in United States, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East countries and regions. Ms. Zhang said, it’s their first time to participate in Spain exhibition, even the visitors increased on day 2, few buyers are right for its products. Therefore, after comparing the integration hardware shows, Liangang prefers Fastener Trade Show which is more professional. The company has decided to take part in the 2nd Fastener Trade Show, organized by China Fastener Info, with the booth #421.

While mentioning the sales in 2008, Ms. Zhang frankly said the annual sales in 2008 remains the same as that in 2007. In fact, in the first three quarters in 2008, the company's sales are in rising trend. However, while entering the fourth quarter, due to the financial crisis, the foreign orders reduced sharply. At this point, the company accordingly adjusted its strategy. When coming to the spring of 2009, the sales situation became much better.

What kind of adjustment made Liangang grow better? On April 12, CFD 2009 Plus will have an in-depth report on Liangang.

Interviewee: Mr. Ren—General Manager from Jiashan Zhongsheng Metal Products Co., Ltd.

Specialized in 4.8 grade threaded rods, Jiashan Zhongsheng Metal Products Co., Ltd. has a hard working, innovation team of 160 staffs. Though Zhongsheng marched into the industry of threaded rods for just two and a half years, its sales last year still achieved a striking figure of 160 million RMB under the downturn of global economy. Facing the decreased customer demands in the fourth quarter of 2008, on the one hand, Zhongsheng took the strategy of increasing customers: taking part in many exhibitions home and abroad to get abundant customer information, such as keeping strong support to Fastener Trade Show organized by China Fastener Info from Sep.23-25, with booth #723 and 725; On the other hand, the company has its own management skills, like distributing 100-people-work to 50 people. Therefore, Mr. Ren is confident that the impact of financial crisis to Zhongsheng will be restored after two months.

How to break through 160 million sales success after entering threaded rod industry in less than three years?
How to get 50 people to do100-people-work?
The latest CFD 2009 Plus will answer all the questions for you.

Foreign Buyer Members

Introducing CFD and Fastener Trade Show to Spain Fastener Importers

Inquiring for CFD

Recommending “Top Suppliers” for foreign buyers

Meeting buyers from Korea

Inviting foreign buyers to join Fastener Trade Show

To know the influence of financial crisis and anti-dumping issue to foreign buyers, please keep attention to the report on day 3 of 09 Ferroforma.



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