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Dongguan greatly bright stars hardware screw factory


Dongguan big Lang gold promise hardware product factory, original(big Lang stars hardware in the Dongguan process a department) establish in 2003, the company is a local well-known rivet joint screw profession produce business enterprise, has been concentrate on rivet joint screw of design development and produce sale, the company own a great deal of from Taiwan, Japan buy into Gao nicety screw machine and various import experiment examination equipments.Combine from profession technical personnel operation, product for produce regardless external appearance, a sophistication still a mechanics function all attain or exceed the same kind import product of level. Get the great strength of domestic and international customer support since the company establish.The company profession produce the United States PEM standard crew cut and circle head press Liu screw, there is copper, aluminum, stainless steel on the material and the iron anticipate.The PEM press the specification code of Liu screw to have.(FH.FHS.HFH, HFHS.HFHB.TFH.KFH, FH4)Another country mark with not mark screw and each metric system.The United States system.English system.Virtuous mark etc. screw my company has already produce as well. The main usage is at the Ban gold, computer machine box.Machine electricity equipments.Stereo set equipments.Electric appliances.Private electronics in the house.Cellular phone.Cellular phone computer.Communication equipments.Lamps and laterns.Musical instrument's etc. produce a factory house. The company take orders"the quality be highest.Customer a"of aim, keep on management development with a set of perfect quality control and customer's management system! The stars person's ovation come from the coming of friend in the world, and in hopes of with you establishment intact cooperative relation and produce colleague relation.

Main Products
The PEM press Liu bolt;Press a Liu stainless steel screw;Press a Liu copper bolt;Press Liu aluminum screw;Stainless steel screw;Wood screw;Cup head from offend screw;Hexangular screw inside the crew cut;Copper screw;Big and flat head screw;Wagon screw;Step screw;Combination screw;Method orchid screw;Take antiskid Chi screw;Sink hexangular screw inside the head;The son mother nail;Umbrella head screw;From offend from drill screw;Plum flower head screw;
The Most Competitive Products
The PEM press Liu bolt;Press a Liu stainless steel screw;Press a Liu copper bolt;Press Liu aluminum screw;
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Address:Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China Dalang Town , Dongguan City, Ocean Village pond Bridge District No. 10
Contact Name:MS. BOBO
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