Taiwan’s fastener exports might hit record high in 2013
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Taiwan’s fastener exports during Jan.-Nov. in 2013 amounted to around 1.32 million tons, up 4.93% over the same period of 2012, which might hit a record high. The export value totaled USD 3.49 billion, up 0.74% year-on-year, and the average price was USD 2.648/kg, down 4% year-on-year. The growth of Taiwan’s fastener exports was attributed to the fast recovery of the US’s economy and the rebound from the European markets.

The industry businessmen predicted that the American market will continue to recover in the coming months and the European markets have rebounded from its worse. The US has become the largest consumers of Taiwan’s fastener exports this year.

Taiwan’s fastener exports jumped 14.67% year-on-year to around 110,000 tons with the average price of USD 2.694/kg in the month of November.

It’s forecasted that Taiwan’s fastener export volume is not only expected to exceed the previous year of 1.38 million tons, but likely to hit a record high of 1.42 tons in 2011. However, the total export value is expected to be slightly over last year of USD 3.79 billion due to the decrease of the average price.



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