Straight to the European Market—International Hardware Fair Cologne Report 2
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INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR COLOGNE is the most influential exhibition in the hardware sector for market participants from all over the world. The exhibition is held every two years and this year sees a totally new logo and name—Internationale Eisenwarenmesse Koln, aiming to make the exhibition more specialized in the hardware sector.

The totally new logo

Visitor Registration Counter

During these two days, China Fastener Info’s booth was crowded with lots of overseas visitors. Some even brought with samples and inquiry forms. Representatives of CFI were quite pleased to recommend suitable Chinese suppliers to them and provide them with the current information about China’s fastener industry.

What's more, many visitors showed keen interest in China Fastener Directory (CFD). Some even read it in earnest on site. In addition, representatives of CFI invited visitors to the upcoming 7th Fastener Trade Show Chengdu (May 25-26, 2012, Chengdu Century City New International Convention & Exhibition Center) and 8th Fastener Trade Show Suzhou (Nov. 1-2, 2012, Suzhou International Expo Center).

According to the recent pattern of the business transformation, we can see that the global financial powerhouse is moving to Asia. However, the experienced industrial knowhow and technical competence still reside strongly in Europe. It will, therefore, need wise political decision to ensure that Europe can come through the current crises as before.

As to the dumping issue, it was reported that the European Union and China have agreed the reasonable timetable for the EU to implement the recommendations and rulings of WTO concerns?on the fastener dispute between these two parties.

Based on the agreement, the reasonable period of time expires on October 12, 2012.

Some visitors from Europe also noted that “Everyone is waiting for the cancelation of antidumping which EU has to do within 15 months from final decision of WTO.”

China Hall

Heaven & Earth Hardware

Shanghai Biaowu High-Tensile Fasteners

Haiyan Xinlian

Ningbo Chaoxin Rivet

The concurrent small forum

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