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Welcome to the 6th Fastener Trade Show! The show sees its opening on November 11. On behalf of the organizer, I’d like to extend my sincere thanks to exhibitors, visitors, guests and friends from all over the world.

2011 is the first year of China’s 12 Five-Year Plan. In this year China’s fastener industry not only has many opportunities but also encounters lots of challenges. It’s estimated that the output of China’s fasteners reached 3.2 million tons with export volume of 1.2 million tons during the first half of 2011. However, the second half is predicted to slow down due to the turmoil of international markets, reminbi’s continuous appreciation, inflation, increasing production cost and the soaring material prices. Companies felt highly pressed for the mid- or long-term orders although they could receive some orders recently.

For the reasons above, the Fastener Trade Show, while focusing on providing the best platform for exhibitors to exhibit various kinds of fasteners and related products and attendees to communicate, is aiming to further help enterprises explore business opportunities and generate new profit.

The Fastener Trade Show has been held successfully for five editions since its first launch in 2008. The show is biannually held since 2010. The number of visitors and exhibitors has been keeping increasing and “the show is getting better and better” is always the comments from attendees. Popular, professional, a myriad of end-users and overseas buyers are the common adjectives describing the show.

To meet the developmental need of the market, China Fastener Info, the organizer of the show, chose Suzhou as the venue of the show in April for the first time. And 5th Fastener Trade Show attracted 305 companies with over 400 booths. The hall was packed with numerous visitors and 80 percent attendees felt satisfied or very satisfied. Again, on November 11-12, the 6th Fastener Trade Show kicks off, which makes the 2011 Fastener Trade Show total 600 exhibitors with over 800 booths, becoming the biggest and the most influential and popular fastener exhibition in China. There is no doubt that the Fastener Trade Show has become a grand festival and must-attend quality exhibition for buyers and suppliers all round the world.

We are experiencing a real booking boom again. The number of over 400 booths has been booked by around 300 brands, including Zhejiang Aozhan, Shanghai Fast-Fix Rivet, Dowson’s Fasteners, Hifaster, Zhejiang New Oriental, CSR Meishan, Autocraft(Shanghai), Dongtai Huawei, Jiashan Yongxin, Jiashan Zhongsheng, Jiashan Chaoyi, King Sight Fastener Group, Zhejiang Zhenya, Zhejiang Qifeng, Haiyan Heaven & Earth, Shenzhen Taixing, Jiashan Chaoboer, Ruian QiangDa, Leda Metal, Wenzhou Fengding, Jingjiang Hengfeng Rivet, Ningbo Chaoxin and the like famous companies, and renowned equipment companies such as Zhejiang Dewite, Zhejiang Shengtuo, Donguan Ching Chan, Zhejiang Yeswin, Foshan Hexin, Accuvision Technology and so on. Many brands from Pearl River Delta also actively participate in the show. They are Donglong Metal Moulds, Foshan Zhuhui, Guangzhou Rivet Fastener, SUN-MAKU, Zhongshan Qiangxin, Shenzhen Taixing, Shenzhen In-sail, etc. In addition, overseas brands such as Tokyo Byora Koki, NEOTEC, Carlo Salvi, SALA Mould and so on also exhibit their latest products in the hall.

It is worth mentioning that companies from Jiashan and Wenzhou organized by Jiashan Fastener Industry Association and Wenzhou Fastener International Center will exhibit as a group with the aim of building regional brands.

The pre-registration of visitors is favorable with the growth of nearly 30 percent over that last edition. Thousands of brands that have long-term demand in large volume from industries such as auto, electric and electronic, construction, machinery, hardware will attend the show. They are BYD, Foxconn, Huawei, IKEA, Honda, Changan Auto, China Southern, Schneider Electric, Emerson Electric, Prodex Charnoz France, Emhart Fastening System, WüRTH, OTIS, ChinaSavvy, Halex, I.N.G FIXATIONS, EFFENCO CA, etc.

Visitors from Europe and America cover around 35 percent of the total pre-registered overseas amount with 30 percent from Japan and Korea. The rest are from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, UAE, Argentina, South Africa, etc.

With so many professional attendees, we can predict that the minds of sparks will be exploded, the unique innovation will be created and the fast businesses will be made during the show.

Here, good news for you. The 7th Fastener Trade Show is scheduled for May 25-26, 2012, at Chengdu Century City New International Convention & Exhibition Center, Chengdu, China, with the aim of helping China’s fastener companies explore the great potential of Western China, seize new opportunity and realize new transformation.

Finally, I would like to express my grateful thanks to all the exhibitors and visitors again for your contribution and support to the great success of the Fastener Trade Show. I wish all of you have a fruitful journey at the 6th Fastener Trade Show!


 Yu Wenhui
 President of China Fastener Info
 Representative of Fastener Trade Show organizing Committee


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