Japan Fastener Industry Might See Advance Recovery—15th M-TECH Report (2)
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Visitors to the M-TECH-15th MECHANICAL COMPONENTS EXPO on Day 2 showed increase compared with that of Day 1. The representatives of China Fastener Info (CFI) spared no effort to recommend suitable Chinese suppliers to visitors who came for CFDs and invited them to the 6th Guangzhou Fastener Trade Show scheduled for Nov. 11-12, 2011 at Poly World Trade Expo Center, Guangzhou, China.

China is Japan’s the biggest trade partner for fasteners. Japan fastener imports from China in the first quarter of 2011 saw slight increase of 8.9 percent to 28,674 tonnes, taking up 53.4 percent of Japan’s total fastener imports. Import value from China jumped 13.5 percent to 5.2 billion yen, accounting for 32.5 percent of the total import value.

However, Japan fastener exports to China in the first quarter of 2011 saw a decrease in general with export value down 2.7 percent to 14.8 billion yen while export volume down 16.6 percent to 16,235 tons due to Japan’s earthquake. Exports to China accounted for 20.3 percent of the total export volume for Japan.

Then how are fastener companies after the earthquake? Have they recover to the previous level? We got some information about Japan fastener companies after visiting some exhibitors and our long-term media partners.

"The Fastening Journal"

Mr. Nagao, president of "World of Screws"

It was pretty good to see so many exhibitors in the 15th M-TECH because some fastener companies’ production lines were greatly attacked by the earthquake and some saw orders from auto manufacturers fell. “Japan fastener companies are trying their best to recover and it is expected that they can return to the pre-earthquake level till October this year,” said Mr. Nagao.

The representatives of CFI also paid visit to local exhibitors.


Mr. Saima, president of SAIMA CORPORATION welcomed CFI to the show and showed keen interest in the 6th Guangzhou Fastener Trade Show while we were inviting him.


NEJI is a famous fastener company in Japan and has its own plant and office in China. The company has been to Fastener Trade Show several times. We really appreciate their visits and invited them the coming 6th Guangzhou Fastener Trade Show.



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