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Welcome to the 5th Fastener Trade Show! The 5th Fastener Trade Show sees its opening in April, a month in a pleasant and flowering season—spring; and in Suzhou—a place dubbed the “Venice of the East”, a paradise on the earth and a good place to see the most beautiful landscape in the world. On behalf of the organizer, I’d like to extend my sincere thanks to exhibitors, visitors, guests and friends from all over the world.

2011 is a year of great significance for China because it’s not only the first year of China’s 12 Five-Year Plan, but also the first year of the second decade in the new century. Chinese people of the central and local governments, or of sectors and companies, are all making plans for the coming five years even the ten years. It is a time when opportunities coexist with challenges. How to seize the great opportunities and keep up with the developmental trend are must-needed problems that people of the fastener industry to deal with. In the past, we have created a miraculous development relying on our low production cost, abundant raw material and strong ability of cloning. At present, we cannot follow the past developmental mode faced with challenges of inflation and increasing production cost. Thus, the transformation of economic growth mode and the upgrade of the industries are pressing issues we should cope with in 2011.

“New Achievement, New Brand, New Trend”, the theme of the 5th Fastener Trade Show is based on the trend of accelerating the transformation of nation’s economic growth pattern and the upgrade of industries. We experiencing a real booking boom. The number of booked booths has reached the highest record to more than 400 till now and more than 300 famous fastener companies will display their competitive products in the show. They include Zhejiang Aozhan, Sanhuan Fasteners, Jiashan Zhongsheng, Wuxi Anshida, Shanghai Rivet Fastener, Shanghai Jingyang, Evan Fastening Systems, Shanghai Nutech Fastener, Haiyan Dazhong Nut, Haiyan Heaven & Earth, Morgan Brother Technology and so on. Supporting companies include Taicang Minjui Automation Technolog, Jiangnan Nut Tapping Machinery, Jiaxing Miyo, Dongguan Donglong, PointMaster Machinery, Hongkong Xingsheng, Zhejiang Yeswin, etc. Companies having a geographical advantage also try to be the first to book the booth such as PS SEIKO, Suzhou Dingdeng, Suzhou Fuyuan, Suzhou Jinyuan, Suzhou Ruihe and so on. In addition, National Machinery, Universal Punch Corp., COGEIM EUROPE SRL, SALA PUNZONI ASIA, Kyouei Fastener and the like overseas famous companies come to exhibit as well, aiming to complete with the domestic companies.

Visitor pre-registration goes strong with an increase of 30% year on year. It is expected that the show will attract thousands of professional buyers from a variety of industries. Overseas visitors from Hong Kong China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, UAE, Australia, USA, Canada, Turkey, UK, France, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Sweden, Argentina, South Africa and other countries and regions have filled out the visitor registration forms and will come to our show.

To expand the influence of exhibition and develop more customers, the 5th Fastener Trade Show first stages in Suzhou. Suzhou, as one of the centers of Yangtze Delta, is less than 200 km away from Shanghai, Jiaxing, Wuxi, Ningbo, Hangzhou and the like fastener manufacturing cities. In addition, with more than ten years in the field of fastener media, China Fastener Info will make the 5th Fastener Trade Show become the best business platform for global fastener manufacturers and buyers.

Who will be the winners in the battle of fastener brands? An industrial event and brand competition will be seen at the 5th Fastener Trade Show held in the lively spring.

Finally, we would like to send our grateful thanks to all exhibitors and visitors again for your contributions to the success of the Fastener Trade Show. We wish all exhibitors a successful exhibition, nice demonstrations, great business opportunities and new achievements; we wish all exhibitors and visitors a fruitful experience at the 5th Fastener Trade Show.

Yu Wenhui
President of China Fastener Info
Representative of Fastener Trade Show
Organizing Committee


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