A Good Harvest: Hardware + Tools Middle East 2010 Report (2)
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Just as what our old Indian friends said yesterday, we saw an increase in the number of visitors on Day 2(May 19) in the Hardware + Tools Middle East 2010.

Consultants of China Fastener Info were quite energetic and would not miss any purchaser who visited our booth and inquired about products in our CFDs. We answered their questions patiently and invited them to become one of our members and as well as to participate in the upcoming 4th Fastener Trade Show held in Guangzhou, China on September 8-10. As time went on, a great many of our CFD magazines and CDs had been sent out in a little while.

Recommend washer companies to Mr.ALI.O.BAHDELA

Mr. ALI.O.BAHDELA, president of BAHDELA, showed knee interest in washers and even had found his suitable suppliers on site. He also showed great interest in our 4th Fastener Trade Show and said that he will surely participate in it.

Mr. Lee, from Ningbo Tip Automobile Parts Co., Ltd., expressed that he was quite familiar with China Fastener Info and often visit our website for supplying information. He also mentioned that their purchase quantity is very large and what they are going to purchase depends on their current demand.

Mr. John, one of the four representative purchasers from TECHNICAL PARTS CO., told us that he knew about the 4th Fastener Trade Show and have been paying close attention to it. He will plan to visit our show, if time permits.

record and classify purchasing information

Consultants of China Fastener Info recorded information of every purchaser carefully and classified it according to products and purchase quantity in order to recommend the suitable suppliers to them.




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