13th Annual National Industrial Fastener Show/West Report 2: Session on "Antidumping and CVD Investigation of Fasteners from Taiwan and China"
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During the 13th Annual National Industrial Fastener Show/West,China Fastener Info also attended the session on “Antidumping and CVD Investigation of Fasteners from Taiwan and China”.

Moderators for the session are Larry Thomas and Rob Lucas of Fidelis Fasteners Limited with offices and facilities in Hong Kong and Shunde, China and Mumbai and Ahmedabad, India. Also on hand will be the speaker, Matthew T. McGrath, Esquire, of Barnes Richardson & Colburn, the Washington, D.C. law firm representing the group in opposition to the imposition of Antidumping and Countervailing Duties and James M. Goldberg, Esquire, Goldberg & Associates, PLLC, Washington, D.C.

The session began with Nucor Fastener's antidumping and countervailing duty petitions against standard fastener from China and Taiwan, and then gave a detailed information of those concerned product categories, related antidumping and CVD 101 laws and clauses, estimated schedule, investigation procedures and results it will bring. At last, Matthew T. McGrath particularly provided companies across the world with some suggestions on how to deal with the currently prevalent trade protectionism.

His suggestions are as follow:

To importers:
?Coordination with manufacturers and trading companies
?Review pricing policies
?Contract clauses on AD/CVD liability—manufacturers, trading companies, customers
?Evaluate third country and domestic suppliers

To international producers:
?Review pricing and costs, adjusting for scope & POI
?Prepare audit trail in accordance with DOC verification requirement
?Prepare for SRAs
?Review contract clauses with trading companies and importers
?Consider becoming importer of record

To merchants:
?Evaluate best position for respondent selection, based on suppliers, alternative scope coverage, moving POI
?Coordinate with manufacturers
?Prepare for SRA’s if necessary

To all participants:
?The factual case changes with passage of time; be aware of different POI for China and Taiwan
?Update India surrogate values
?Prepare for ITC questionnaires
?Transshipment creates new liabilities





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