HANNOVER MESSE Reviews 2--CFD 2009 Plus first distributed at HANNOVER MESSE
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HANNOVER MESSE started in 1947. Under the global competition, HANNOVER MESSE 2009 will be a feast of emerging economies and technologies. The exhibitors this year from China are only second to that from Germany, including 480 exhibitors from Chinese mainland and 143 from Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and Chinese Taipei, increasing rapidly than 360 exhibitors last year. Exhibitors from Korea, the Partner Country of HANNOVER MESSE 2009, will show their powerful strength and flourishing market with the technology in progress.

One of the highlights of Day 1, April 20 was the fair tour of Angela Merkel, the current Chancellor of Germany, from which we can see HANNOVER MESSE is highly supportedby the local government. What's more, many special exhibitions were opened on Day 1, such as the Forum Mobile Robots, Suppliers Meeting and Clean Moves Meeting. There were not so many people as we expected on day 1 of HANNOVER MESSE. Some exhibitors who participated in the previous HANNOVER MESSE told us that due to the global financial crisis, the visitors this year were obviously not as many as last year. However, according to president of HANNVOER MESSE Mr. Wolfram von Fritsch's address at opening ceremony, under the circumstances of global economic downturn, the number of 6,150 exhibitors this year has already reached and even exceeded the number of the year 2007 and 2008.

The booth of China Fastener Info is at #E08-21, Hall 3 – the fair of industrial components and subcontracting. The products displayed in this hall include casting and forging parts, fasteners, metal components, auto parts, material, bearing, rubber, plastic, ceramic components, etc. The total number of exhibitors in Hall 3 is 1,460. China Fastener Info took the initiative in communicating with buyers and introducing Chinese fastener suppliers, helping more and more Chinese fastener enterprises accelerate development and go to the world. A lot of foreign buyers came to get CFDs and inquired about the information of Chinese fastener suppliers. At the same time, China Fastener Info also warmly invited buyers to attend 2009 Fastener Trade Show in Guangzhou, China on 23-25 September 2009.

According to conversation, one German supplier expressed that he once purchased fasteners in Chongqing, Sichuan Province, China. Owing to the anti-dumping duties, he now imports just a few nuts from Chinese Taipei because if he imports fastener products from Chinese mainland, their price will be the same as that in Germany after the anti-dumping duties are added. He isn't affected a lot by the anti-dumping duties. He plans to import stainless steel fasteners from China. Since he founded a lot of right suppliers in CFD, he came to request for one copy. When he was informed of 2009 Fastener Trade Show, he showed great interest and said he would definitely go and visit the show.

In addition, we also talked with one supplier from Finland. His company is a fastener manufacturer in Estonia and also helps many clients purchase fasteners around the world. Anti-dumping duties don't have a strong impact on his company. He has never imported fasteners from China before. Now he wants to import aluminum rivets from China. His friend who has many years of experience in purchasing once imported fasteners from China and told him that if he wanted to import from China, he should contact at least three suppliers at the same time in case the suppliers would drive up the price if he just contacted one supplier.

Taking a photo with an Indian supplier

Communicating with a buyer

Communicating with a Chinese exhibitor of raw material and introducing 2009 Fastener Trade Show



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