Jiaxing Omeiga Industrial Co., Ltd.


Date of establishment: 2013 .There are 150 employees ,and the annual turnover are 50 million RMB. The company was founded in 2013, it is very vitality and unity of the modern enterprise. Our introduction of technology from Taiwan, with 150 sets of heading machines, 150 tooth machines in Taiwan, 8 cutting machines, 10 boring machines .We also have heat treatment, phosphating, sandblasting, Dacromet, road rust ,etc. Other can be in the production of various drilling screws, self tapping screws, wood screws, plastic plate screws, dry wall screws, mechanical screws etc., and the introduction of Taiwan technology to produce all kinds of screws. The establishment of Jiaxing Omeiga Industry Co., Ltd., that is adhering to the "steady at ease, the pursuit of excellence" business philosophy, and actively promote the international standard quality management system, to create high quality products as the goal.

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Dry wall screw
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Dry wall screw
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