Shanghai three metal products Co. Ltd. was founded in July 2006. Based on China's largest steel distribution center - Baoshan, Shanghai. Positioning for the global high-end manufacturing areas to provide high-quality metal materials and the best one-stop procurement services. The company has a sound import and export rights and a strong global storage network. At present, the distribution of material widely used in precision manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, high-speed rail, military, shipbuilding and other fields, especially in the field of auto parts, with many customers, and a high degree of industry recognized, currently with many domestic and foreign metal materials production enterprises and scientific research institutions and technical cooperation, and constantly tap study of more innovative and cost-effective materials. The company mainly engaged in wire rod with the diameter of 2 - 42 with processing, sales of finished wire. Raw materials provided by Baosteel, Xing Gang and other well-known steel mills, but also by the customer specified in the domestic steel mills. Made of alloy steel, bearing steel, free cutting steel, carbon structural steel, spring steel wire, steel wire, flat round appearance with steel wire, special-shaped steel wire, high strength low alloy structural steel and other steel, Shanghai three can meet the needs of customers from raw materials to finished the whole process of high quality requirements. Company wire products are widely used in automotive fasteners, electronic screws, high strength bolts and nuts, bearings and hardware tools, hydraulic equipment, such as mechanical parts and fasteners. Management experience and technical advantages of Taiwan company for many years. Wire equipment adopts the international advanced LOI company of Germany and the United States LAD-CON bell type hydrogen atmosphere furnace ball and Taiwan high-speed wire drawing machine and other advanced equipment. The company has passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, ISO/TS16949:2008 automotive industry quality system certification and ISO/IEC17025:2005 National Laboratory accreditation. Companies adhere to the "quality, Shou credibility, a technical extension of the market," the quality policy, adhering to the "innovation, beyond the self" business philosophy, to provide quality products and best service for customers.

Main Products
The company mainly engaged in wire rod with the diameter of 2 - 42 with processing, sales of finished wire: Cold heading steel alloy with a diameter of 5.5 mm, with a diameter of 40 SCM415, SCM420, SCM435, SCM440, B7, ML20CRMO, ML35CrMO, ML42CrMO, ML20MnTiB, 10B18, 10B21, 10B28, 10B30, 10B33, 10B38, ML20CrMnTi, 30crmnti, Baoshan, Xing Gang 5.5 - Phi Phi 40 tool steel of Baosteel 50BV30, Xing steel, Bearing steel with 5.5 - 40 GCr15 diameter Xingtai steel, Baosteel, Dalian special steel The hard line with the diameter of 5.5 - 40 40# diameter, 45#, 65#, 70#, 80#, High carbon steel with a diameter of 5.5 mm, with a diameter of 40 SWRH42B, SWRH47B, SWRH72B, SWRH77B, S10C, S20C, S40C, S50C, Baoshan, Xing Gang Prestressed steel wire diameter 5.5 - 40 SWRH82A, SWRH82B, 87B with Baosteel, Xing Gang Copper clad steel wire with a diameter of 5.5 mm, with a diameter of 40 SWRM6, SWRM10, SWRM12, SWRM15, XGM2 of baosteel, Spring steel with the diameter of 5.5 - 40 65Mn, 60Si2MnA, 55SiCr with 60Si2CrVAT, Baosteel, Xing steel, With the diameter of 5.5 - 40 16MNCR5 diameter steel gear of baosteel, Carbon cold heading steel with the diameter of 5.5 - 40 SWRCH6A, SWRCH10A, Phi SWRCH18A, SWRCH22A, ML08AL, ML10AL, SWRCH10K, SWRCH15K, SWRCH20K, SWRCH35K, SWRCH40K, SWRCH45K, SWRCH50K, SAE1010, SAE1012, SAE1015, SAE1020, SAE1022, SAE1035, SAE1045, Baoshan, Xing Gang Another of the company's monthly order 8620 is often wire and other special line of high-end cold heading 20CRNIMO GB, 8620, 25CR2MOV, 40CRMOV4-6, 18CRNIMO7-6, 40CRNIMO, S10C, S12C, 16MNCR5, SCM435, 20#, S20C, ML15, ML10, ML35, 20MNTIB, SWRCH10A, SWRCH22A, SWRCH18A, 17CR3, 20CR, SCM420, SCM440, 4140. GCR15, 100CR6 and other high-end cars, standing with a diameter of 5.5-40, processing the ball drawing specifications for cold heading line diameter 0.5-40. if your company required materials list is listed above, please inquire. Our company is a special dealer. All materials are from Baosteel Baosteel warehouse straight Germany Duies also booking treasure, South Korea Pohang, Taiwan steel, Kobe steel, Japan imported materials, welcome calls from the stock and the latest price list.
The Most Competitive Products
Material type and Application type Optional material Coach screws, six angle wood screws, machine screws, furniture screws (4.8 level of strength) 1010, 1015, 1018 6.8 stage strength ML35, SWCH35K, SWCH38K, SWCH40K, 10B21 SWCH45K, 10B33, 10B38 8.8 stage strength ML35, SWCH35K, SWCH38K, SWCH40K, 10B21 SWCH45K, 10B33, 10B38 Automotive high strength fasteners (10.9 bolts) ML35CrMo, SCM435, ML40Cr Automotive engine, brake system, high strength key fasteners (12.9 bolts) SCM440, ML42CrMo, SCM435 ML40Cr ML35CrMo 8 nut ML35, SWCH35K, SWCH38K, SWCH40K, SWCH45K, 10B21, 10B33, 10B38 10 nut ML35, SWCH35K, SWCH38K, 10B21 12 nut SWCH40K, SWCH45K, 10B33, 10B38 Self tapping screws, drywall screws, drilling screws nail splint 1018, 1022, SWCH18A, SWCH20A, SWCH22A Construction Engineering with anchor screws, bolts, nails, wood screws Q195, Q235, Q215 Automobile and construction engineering.
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