Wuxi AoTian Steel Wire Products Co., Ltd.


Wuxi AoTian Steel Wire Products Co., Ltd (original: Wuxi HuaTian Standard Piece and Wire Drawing Co., Ltd) was founded in 2000. Our company specializes in manufacturing advanced steel wire products, such as carbon steel spheroidized wire, alloy steel spheroidized wire and rivet wire for cold heading and so on. Our production capacity can reach 40,000 ton per year. Our products are widely used in making auto, aerospace and ship fasteners, precisional electronic screws, high strength bolts and nuts and self-drilling screws and other irregular parts and so on. Our company is located in Wuyi Industrial Park, Donggang Town, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. On one hand, it is near the S19 and G15 national highway in the north. On the other hand, it is close to Shanghai-Nanjing highway in the south. It takes about an hour to drive to Shanghai. The convenient traffic not only greatly reduces the cost of cargo transportation but also strengthens our market competitiveness of the price of our own products. We have professional research and technical personnel. In addition, our production facilities are the most advanced facilities in China, such as the atmosphere protectional spheroidized annealing furnaces and the high speed draw machines and so on. We have obtained ISO9001:2008 and TS16949:2009 Quality Management System. Our quality policy can be concluded into the following four clauses: making perfection more perfect, customer satisfaction, commitment to excellence, and striving to be the frist-class. Our management idea is profession, learning, innovation and transcendence. We are ready to provide products of high quality and the best service for our customers.

Main Products
carbon steel spheroidizing wires, alloy steel spheroidizing wires and rivet wires for cold heading and so on
The Most Competitive Products
CHIT, SWCH6A, SWCH8A, SWCH10A, SWCH12A, SWCH15A, SWCH18A, SWCH22A, SWCH25K, SWCH35K, SWCH45K, 40ACR, SCM415, SCM420, SCM435, SCM440, SCR440, SAE1006, SAE1008, SAE1010, SAE1018, SAE1022, SAE1035, SAE1045, SAE10B21, SAE10B33, SAE10B35, SAE10B38, ML08AL, ML40CR, ML20CR, ML35CR ML20MNTIB, 15B25 and so on.
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Address:Wuyi Industrail Zone, Donggang Town, Xishan District, Wuxi City.
Contact Name:MS. Lin
Position:sales representative
Tel:+86-18061512788 ,+86-510-88355025
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