DIN 6883
Taper key torque transmission - Parallel keys - Dimensions and application
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Titanium valve Titanium Tubing Titanium Wire Titanium Bar Main scope of our products are as follows: high precision screw, Electronic screw, electrical appliance screw, meter screw, mechanical board screw, rolled sunk screw, wire-board adjustable screw, nylon screw, furniture screw, press rivet and press nut, combinatorial screw, K nut, elastic screw nut, slotted screw and some other knurled screw and so on.High precision cone dowel, cylinder dowel, retainer washer and Grade 12.9 internal hexagon rolled sunk screw,Grade 12.9 internal hexagon with square head, Grade 12.9 internal hexagon with cylindrical head are all in our storage.We welcome orders like lathe-produced non-standard parts and domestic hardware products according customer's specific need. We will consistently take “high product quality” for customer satisfaction as business credo and we are here for our customers from home and abroad.