DIN 2509 | Replace DIN 2509:10.28,,10.47,11.60,04.88,11.70
Double end studs
Main Products
We provide high-quality fasteners according to the standards of DIN, ISO, ANSI/ASME, IFI, ASTM, BS, AS/NZS, JIS, KS as well as special fasteners at customers requirement. At present, our products include bolts, nuts, washers, and threaded rods covering 4 series and 30 categories. Materials involve carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, etc. Under the collaboration of the staff and with years of experience in marketing, our products enjoy ready markets in United States, Europe, Australia, South-east Asia and other Pacific countries and regions and are well-appreciated by the customers. (DIN934DIN931DIN933)