Guangzhou Chiku Launches New Self Drilling Screws
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Guangzhou Chiku Screw Co.,Ltd., one of the leading manufacturer of flash-point self drilling screws in China, has recently launched a new kind of self drilling screw—the self drilling reamer screw which is mainly used for fitment and decoration.

Compared with the ordinary self drilling reamer screw, the new self drilling reamer screw can provide users with faster drilling speed and are more user-friendly.

Self drilling screws with “wings” on the shank are designed for the purpose of going through timber into metal. They have wings that ream out wood to prevent premature thread engagement into the timber prior to the drill point drilling through the metal. The wings can snap off when they hit metal.

The unique design of this new self drilling reamer screw is that it has “wings” just above the drill bit. Since the “wings” are nearer the drill bit, drilling and tapping can perform successfully in extremely short time or at the same time. And the problem that the screw might be broken for the bottom diameter of the part the wings on is too small can be avoided. Differences between the ordinary self drilling reamer screw and the new self drilling reamer screw are as follows.

New Self drilling reamer screws,  the reamer wings are just above the drill bit.

Ordinary self drilling reamer screws, the wings are between the point length and the thread.

The new self drilling reamer screw provides a perfect solution for users when they are fastening thick materials such as wood to metal in the house fitment, decoration and furniture fixing. Users no longer need to pre drill the timber, they can ream hole, tap and fasten at the same time. As the high labor cost keeps increasing in China, the new self drilling reamer screws can greatly improve users’ production efficiency and generate more profits. For their competitive edges, the new self drilling reamer screws have earned unanimous praise since they have been launched.

Concentration on Customer Using Experience

Chiku has been concentrated on customer using experience and in relentless pursuit of offering customers with the best solution for application. “We are not only selling products. Our final aim is to provide every customer with the most satisfying solution,” comments Kenny Zhang, General Manager of Chiku. “We treat every customer as our best friend. For they are our best friend, we should spare no effort to help them save time, reduce cost, and improve application by offering them with the marvelous using experience.”

The ordinary self drilling reamer screw can only ream hole after drilling which is arduous and waste of time. To improve customer using experience, Chiku decided to make an improvement. It took Chiku around one year to launch the new self drilling reamer screw which has faster drilling speed and is more convenient and easy application.

Commitment to Quality

Chiku has experienced an accelerated development since its inception. Its self drilling screws, especially the flash-point drilling screws find ready markets at home and abroad. As to the secret of its incredible development, Mr. Kenny gives us an answer, “Quality.” Then how does Chiku to ensure the high quality of its products? Mr. Kenny summarizes four aspects.

First, the company is backed by advanced equipment. Equipment of Chiku including testing machines, projection apparatus, microhardness instrument, tapping speed testers, tortion testers, etc. is all introduced from Taiwan and operated by a group of experienced Taiwanese consultants, which can efficiently solve problems popped up. In addition, Chiku constantly introduce new state-of-the-art technologies and equipment to develop new products.

Second, the company carries out strict process management. Every procedure is rigorously tracked down by the special person, from the purchase of wire rod to the final delivery of products, which can ensure the high quality of screws.

Third, every staff of Chiku should get trained regularly, from the operating personnel to special testing persons, even the order coordinators. Staff of Chiku should keep in mind that quality is an absolute priority for Chiku. Every problem should be found in time and solved immediately. The defective products are not allowed to be delivered at all times.

Fourth, communication meetings between each department should be held at regular intervals. Communication between departments can help find problems and solve them immediately which greatly help improve management and product quality, as well as ensure the successful launch of new products.

For its commitment to high quality, fast drilling speed and high fastening, self drilling screws produced by Chiku have been widely used in fields of housing, building, interior decoration, furniture fixing and beating system, etc. both in the domestic and international markets. “Existing customers keep coming back and have built a long-term relationship with us. And more and more new companies are coming to cooperate with us for our quality and fast drilling speed,” Mr. Kenny says. For instance, some listed Taiwanese company came to Chiku for help with the requirement of tapping speed within 3 seconds. To their surprise, the slowest speed of Chiku’s screws is 1.5 seconds. They immediately made a deal with Chiku.
The concentration on customer using experience and the commitment to quality have made Chiku build a high reputation among customers. Many users have benefited a lot for Chiku’s screws have significantly saved them much effort and greatly improve the efficiency of the producing process, and provided a safe working environment for operators as well. “As a specialist, we continue to be devoted to becoming the most professional manufacturer of flash-point drilling screws in China,” Mr. Kenny remarks.

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Where can I buy these screws in the US in bulk packs of 3-5,000 screws?
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Where can I purchase a case (3,000-5,000) of the new flash point self drilling screws in the United States?
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