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As a Chinese leader in blind riveting systems, Shanghai Fast-Fix Rivet Corp. offers a comprehensive line of blind rivets, including open type blind rivets, close-end type rivets, multi-grip type blind rivets, grooved type blind rivets, peel type blind rivets, and structural rivets in various materials (aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, etc.), as well as blind rivet installation tools, including manual and pneumatic blind riveting systems, which are exported to more than 50 countries worldwide.

Here, reporter of China Fastener Info interviewed Jason WANG, general manager of Shanghai Fast-Fix Rivet Corp. to find out its latest developments and plans for the future.


To start with, could you please briefly introduce the history of Shanghai Fast-Fix?

Shanghai Fast-Fix Rivet Corp. has over 12 years experience in production & export of blind rivets. Nowadays, we are one of the leading manufacturers of blind rivets in China, supplying over 4,000 different sizes of rivets per IFI standard, DIN7337 standard and ISO standard. The total manufacturing area is over 25,000 square meters, with annual production capability of around 2 billion pieces. We are ISO/TS16949 certified, as an OEM supplier for many European manufacturers.

What are your competitive products? Please give us some examples of their advantages.

Our competitive products are top quality structural rivets. For an example, our CUP-FIX rivet has high shear strength and tensile strength, with multi-grip capability. One CUP-FIX type can work to replace several standard grip fasteners which can simplify the stock control. It also has good hole filling and sealing capability, providing strong vibration resistant joints with a visible lock. CUP-FIX is ideal for a variety of applications, such as automobiles, vehicles, ventilation, ladders and cabinets.

How about the sales performance in 2012? What is your sales target in 2013?

To our delight, our sales saw a remarkable increase in 2012, which was stimulated by new product development and global economic recovery. Especially for domestic market, our sales volume increased by over 40%, which was largely attributed to the automotive industry. As you know, China has become the largest global auto market. Our strict quality control and management system per ISO/TS16949 is essential to guarantee such an increase. This year we are expecting an increase of at least 30%.

What is the ratio of overseas to domestic sales? Who are your target customers?

The ratio is 9:1. Currently export market represents 90% of our total sales volume. We supply blind rivets to most famous manufacturers & leading distributors in Europe and North America. For domestic sales, we focus on high-end markets, such as automotive industry.


Nowadays, only those who keep innovating can firmly hold their market position. What measures has Shanghai Fast-Fix taken to ensure continuous innovation and improvement?

Our R&D department consists of highly skilled product designers and professional technicians. On average we require 5 to 7 weeks to bring a new product to the manufacturing stage. Due to our ability to keep up with and anticipate changes in the industry, we maintain our leading role in the fastening field.

As an innovator, Shanghai Fast-Fix must have launched many new types of rivets. Could you please introduce some significant innovations for us?

In 2006, we successfully developed a series of structural rivets, including CUP-FIX series, HEMFIX series and A-FIX series, driving China’s rivet technology to a new level and breaking the domination of imported rivets in the Chinese market.

In 2008, we developed D-FIX series for use in automotive and railway systems, which filled the gap in domestic market and replaced the imported rivets.

In 2012, we developed some new products, including Stainless Steel SEAL-BULB Rivet, Plastic Tri-Fold type Rivet and Dia. 10mm Steel CUP-FIX Rivet. These new products have filled the domestic gaps. And recently a new optical sorting machine has arrived, which will enlarge our supply capability to automotive industry.

In addition to innovation, what makes Shanghai Fast-Fix stand out among industrial competitors?

We make sure that the quality of each size and every lot is under control, and conform to international standards & customer specifications. We keep subsistent samples of every lot for at least one year, to track the products in case of any problem. PPAP are also available for customers from automotive industry.


Today, Fast-Fix has gained recognition in both domestic and overseas markets. How do you implement brand building?

We build our brand by supplying perfect quality and professional service. More and more customers have nominated Fast-Fix as their sole supplier. We are also promoting our brand and new products by professional exhibitions and leading magazines.

It is learned that Shanghai Fast-Fix will exhibit at the upcoming Fastener Trade Show Suzhou. What is your goal for participation? What kinds of products will you showcase to the professional visitors?

The Fastener Trade Show is a very professional exhibition, offering a good chance to meet domestic & international customers. We hope to show the customers our wide range of different products and our advantages like structural rivets.


What is your target in the future?

Our target is to be the preferred supplier of fastening solutions to automotive industry worldwide in the near future.

In closing, as a fastener veteran, how do you consider the fastener industry in China?

China’s fastener industry is developing very fast during the process of economic globalization. Meanwhile, the requirements of product quality and related technologies are also much higher than before. Simple imitation without innovation or new product development will not last long.

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