Shanghai Fast-Fix Rivet Corp. Launches New Catalogs
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Shanghai Fast-Fix Rivet Corp., one of the leading rivet corporations in China, is pleased to announce the release of its three new product catalogs—Stainless Steel SEAL-BULB rivets, Plastic Tri-Fold type rivets and Dia.10mm Steel CUP-FIX rivets.

“These three new catalogs, which take us 15 months for R&D, are part of our high-end products catalogs. We will continue to focus on R&D, customer demand, market demand and high-end market.” said Jason Wang, general manager of Shanghai Fast-Fix Rivet. “And all of these three new catalogs have successfully filled the domestic gaps.”

The three new product catalogs feature the following advantages:

The Stainless Steel SEAL-BULB rivet:
--Wide blind side expansion (provides high clamp up performance)
-- Moisture and pressure tight
-- High Strength at high temperatures
-- Good corrosion resistance
-- Pull-up capability

The Plastic Tri-Fold type rivet:
--An ideal product for non-conductive and non-corrosive environment
-- Suitable to fasten plastic to plastic, plastic to metal and plastic to fiberglass
-- Securely locks the components and prevent pullout

The Dia.10mm Steel CUP-FIX rivet:
-- An ideal solution for one sided access applications
-- High shear and tensile strength
-- Provides strong, vibration resistant joints

Shanghai Fast-Fix Rivet Corp reported an over 30% of sales growth in 2011while many fastener companies were in the face of the slowdown in business due to the weakened demand from the global markets and the slow growth of Chinese economy.

Fast-Fix Rivet has been focusing on products with high added value and innovation. “I think this is the reason that we can achieve a high growth for sales in a tough time. And we are trying to launch at least one to two new products every year,” said Jason

Fast-Fix Rivet continues to further invest in expanding market share in automobile and high-rail way industries. It is reported that the company plans to exhibit in the 7th Fastener Trade Show Chengdu aiming to expand its automobile market share in China. “The Western China, especially Chengdu, is one of the most important auto manufacturing bases in China, and a very important market for us as well,” remarked Jason

So far FAW_VOLKSWAGEN, GEELY/VOLVO, TOYOTA, Hyundai Corporation and the like famous automobile brands have entered the Western China.

Founded in 1998, Shanghai Fast-Fix Rivet Corp has established itself as an industry leader in the rivet business. It is one of China’s largest manufacturers and exporters of blind rivets, structural blind rivets, pneumatic rivet guns and pneumatic rivet nut guns, and has an outstanding reputation at home and abroad in the rivet business.

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