Key Components for Wind Turbine See Better Performance
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Along with the rapid development of the wind power equipment manufacturing industry in China, two large-scale enterprises Sinovel Wind Co., Ltd. and Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd. have become the Top 10 largest wind turbine manufacturers in the world. Dongfang Turbine Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Windey Wind Generating Engineering Co., Ltd., Shanghai Electric Group, Guangdong Ming-yang Electric, XEMC Windpower Co., Ltd., New United (Jiangsu) Wind Power Equipment Co., Ltd. and other wind turbine manufacturers also see rapid growth. The technology of the domestic wind turbine mainly come from five ways: 1. Introduce the design drawings from foreign companies, or manufacture the wind turbines in China by working with foreign design companies; 2. Buy the mature technology from foreign countries and become their licensed producers in China; 3. Establish a joint venture, introduce the mature technology from foreign companies and produce wind turbines in China; 4. Foreign wind turbine manufacturers establish solely foreign-owned enterprises in China, who will produce wind turbines in China by using its sophisticated design and manufacturing technology; 5. Produce the wind turbines in China by applying the design and manufacturing technology developed by domestic universities and technology companies.

According to the statistics, there are more than 70 wind turbine manufacturers in China. Although the increase of wind turbine production has relieved the domestic shortage during the past two years, it also indicates that the fierce competition among China's wind turbine enterprises is increasing.

In order to reverse the disorderly competition of the wind turbine industry as soon as possible, China National Standardization Technical Committee for Wind Power Machinery has released 61 national standards and industrial standards for wind turbine, and is establishing and revising 30 national standards. e.g. GB/T21150-2007 " Stall Regulation Wind Turbine Generator System", GB/T21407-2008 "Doubly Fed Variable Speed Constant Frequency Wind Turbine”, GB/T20320-2006 "Measurement and Assessment of Power Quality Characteristics of Wind turbine Generator System", GB/T19960.1-2005 "Wind Turbine Generator System Part 1: Technology Condition", GB/T19960.2-2005 "Wind Turbine Generator System Part 2: Test methods", GB/T25516-2008 "Acoustic Noise Measurement Techniques of Wind Turbine Generators Systems", GB/T19073-2008 "Gearbox of Wind Turbine Generator System", GB/T23479.1-2009 " Wind Turbine Double-Fed Asynchronous Generator," and other national standards.

Moreover, as the single capacity of wind turbine is increasing, the quality of various related components, such as gear box of the large wind turbine, large-size fan, generator, tower tube and high strength fasteners, has been improved. At the same time, a number of enterprises have become manufacturers of wind turbine components. High strength fastener, known as the basic part to connect the host, tower and fans, has become a hot trend for many fastener companies. China's wind power equipment industry chain has been formed, laying a solid foundation for the rapid development of related key components in the future. Some basic structural parts, casting and forging parts in China have many advantages, which can meet both of the domestic and international market demand.

It is important to pay close attention to the advance of wind power technology and the application of hi-tech, so as to improve the technical content of wind turbines, establish and revise the published technical standards for wind power, and promote the healthy development of China wind power industry.

by Zhang Xianming
Consultant of China Fastener Info
Translated by China Fastener Info


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