The 28th National Industrial Fastener Show/East Review
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The 28th National Industrial Fastener Show/East was held in Greater Columbus Convention Center Ohio on May 21, 2008. The east show featured over 16,000 net square feet, totaling about 150 exhibition companies from US, Canada, China Mainland and Taiwan. US companies covered the largest percentage, up to 86.3%, and there were two Canadian, eight Chinese and 10 Taiwanese companies.

As the most popular fastener media in China, China Fastener Info spread all-English fastener directory CFD (China Fastener Directory) and its additional edition CFD Plus during the show to help China fastener companies to carry out overseas promotion and to create more business opportunities; meanwhile, China Fastener Info also spread show pamphlets, with an aim to attract more and more foreign buyers to attend Fastener Trade Show.

(China Fastener Info being there)

China Fastener Info had sent two copies of CFDs to each booth before the east show began. CFD kept hit during the show, for a large number of foreign customers came to our booth to request one or more copies. When they stopped by our booth, they could not help reading CFD and then asked, "Can I take this one?" Some buyer member of our English website felt very glad to meet us during east show. Of course, he also asked for two copies of CFD; a manager from an Italian company took two issues of CFDs and asked us to e-mail him when any new issue came out; some buyers just bought fasteners from Taiwan though, they still requested our CFD for reference. Now, China Fastener Info is no longer a strange name for foreign buyers, since many of them says they often visit our website to look for products.

(Shanghai UCAN Fastener)

Regarding Fastener Trade Show, many foreign buyers showed strong interests in it and kept asking for details. An American buyer said he would attend the Canton Fair in early October, and Fastener Trade Show, which will be held in late September, is convenient for him. He also added he really wanted to visit our show; a Japanese buyer also showed great interests in Fastener Trade Show after our introduction, and said he would come to Guangzhou this September. To attract more professional visitors, we also advertised on "American Fastener Journal" (p62-63) and "Fastener + Fixing Europe magazine" (p21) in the latest issue.

AFJ May/June 2008 p62-63

FFE May/June 2008  p21

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