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non standard bolts and nuts

We are one of biggest exporter in China. We are engaged in the export of metal hardware. And we can supply following goods at very competitive price,if you are interest in some of them, please don't hesitate to contact with us without delay.
1.Nails ( Finish: bright,galvanized,HDP, blue or black finish are available)
a)Common round iron wire nails
b)EG roofing nails
c)Finish nails
d)Smooth box nails
e)Box nails
f)Casing nails
g)Pallet nails
h)Duplex head nails
Galvanized concrete nails
j)Flat head panel pins
k)Galvanized square boat nails
l)Galvanized roofing nails,with umbrella head
m)HDP oval shank nails
n)HDP clout nails
o)shoe tacks
p)horse shoe nails

2.Screws ( Finish: bright,galvanized,blue or black finish are available)
a)British standard MS countersunk head wood screws (Round head,oval head are available)
b)DIN standard wood screws (Din97,Din96,Din95)
c)ANSI standard wood screws (IFI F-56, F-57, F-58, F-59, F-60, F-61)
d)Hexagon head wood screws (Din571, ANSI standard are available)
e)Self tapping screws (Din7971,Din7972, Din7973, Din7981, Din7982, Din7983)
f)Drywall screws(Din standard and ANSI standard are available)
g)Chipboard screws (Din standard)
h)Twin fast thread wood screws

3. Bolts and nuts ( Finish: bright,galvanized,HDP, blue or black finish are available)
a)Galvanized roofing bolts and nuts(Square nuts)
b)MS machine screws (Din84,Din85,Din963,Din964, Din965,Din966,ANSI atandard are available)
c)Hexagon head bolts (Din558,Din601,Din603, Din912,Din931.Din933,ANSI standard are available)
d)Hexagon nuts (Din934,Din439,Din555,Din1587, Din985, Din928, Din6923, Din936, Din935, Din937, Din6926)
f)Square nuts
g)Thread bar

4.Iron wire and meshs
a)Galvanized iron wire (BWG6 - BWG32)
b)Black annealed iron wire (BWG18 - BWG24)
c)Galvanized hexagon iron wire nettings
d)Galvanized iron wire Screen nettings
e)HDP welding mesh
f)Galvanized square mesh

a)Bright light iron hinges
b)Bright heavy iron hinges
c)Bright iron "H" hinges
d)Black japanned "T" hinges
e)Brass-plated iron square hinges, loose pin, with screws
f)Self-closing Spring hinges

6.Mortise locksets
All kinds of mortise locksets,brass cylinder,such as 7011, 9011, 205, 208, 215, 598, 300, 450, 500, 600....

7.Paint brush
All kinds of paint brush, such as 611, 620, 633, 888, 777,...

Looking forward your prompt reply if you interest in above products.

With Best Regards,

Mr. He Qi