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    Dongguan Hao Long Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd.
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    No.10, Hujing Rd, Tianbian Industrial Zone, Shipai Town, Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China
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Manufacturer specializing in the production of disposable mask packaging machine multi-functional pa

Warm reminder: Hello, all business friends, screw packaging machine for hardware fittings belongs to non-standard customized type of automatic packaging machine, tailored to different products and requirements, different products and technical requirements of each home, packaging machine technology configuration price will vary, before making the machine, need to contact customer service personnel, product physical and technical requirements will be informed to customer service personnel, set up. Make sure the packaging machine is suitable for you to take pictures again, so as to avoid the inapplicability of the packaging machine and the actual production, resulting in costs and unnecessary troubles, our company is not responsible for oh.
The main products of our company are: vibrating disc, counting machine, screw packing machine, vertical counting packing machine, full-automatic screw packing machine, full-automatic packaging machine, hardware accessories packaging machine, automatic counting screw packaging machine, Christmas tree color lamp spare bulb packaging machine, multi-disc multi-material chain packaging machine, pillow horizontal packaging machine, granular packaging machine, screw hardware accessories packaging machine. (Wood screw packaging machine, multi-vibrating disc screw packaging machine, hardware handheld packaging machine, automatic counting packaging machine, vertical screw packaging machine, automatic screw packaging machine, hardware parts packaging machine, metal folding packaging machine, food packaging machine, screw packaging machine, etc.) Welcome to consult and discuss cooperation!