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Packaging machine for furniture installation hardw

We are a specialized in researching and developing, producing and marketing in standing packaging machine and vibrating disk. We can produce automatic packaging machine, automatic screw packaging machine, automatic counting screw packing machine, kinds of packing machines in hardware, plastic parts, toy accessories, fasteners(screw, hardware screw, self-tapping screw, anchoring, particle screw), Christmas tree lights, Thermal Grease, automatic detection, multi-function. What’s more, we also manufacture types of self-feeding equipments, for example, automatic feeding vibration disk, automatic feed bin, linear feeder, vibration disk with electromagnetic, vibration platform, vertical vibrator, kinds of packing machines in automatic counting, multiple vibration disk screw and accessories, kinds of vibration disk of hardware, plastic, screw, zipper, battery, counting, and some vibration made in Jiangsu and Shantou.