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supply 5 moulds and the 6 mould many works of 24B

We introduce the foreign production of advanced technique to make 5 moulds, 6 moulds, extended, bearing type high speed nuts, elements and many work position forming machines, cold Dui machine, it is compact to have structure and rigidity is high, operating , maintenance the characteristics such as convenience. Use equipment can simplify production technology, raise work efficiency, overall material utilization factor has high precision and good strength high, enterprise economic benefits are notable.
Book equipment application in automobile, motorcycle, machinery foundation profession (such as chain, fastener, bearing, box spanner, tool, special different type nut and flange surface nut, sides nut, welding nut, cover type nut , locknut, defence pine nut, pull hat nut, chain Luo pull, expansion gecko, independently axle gear, bicycle different type etc.) etc. various different type , complex is not mark cold squeeze into type, suitable scope extensive. Welcomes the friend of all circles to come to our guidance working, discussion business with reputation solid market.