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Supply the type 302 self-drilling screw - to ChengZhi hardware

SHENGZHEN TO CHENGZHI METAL MFR CO.,LTD. is specialized in all kinds of fasteners, precision turning parts and other hardware accessories of research and development, manufacture, sale's enterprise.Company products have been widely used in the aviation, railway, automobile, electric power, medical equipment, IT, electric machinery, audio equipment, scientific instruments, machinery and other industries.Since founded, the company is committed to continuously expand the market, and provide the customers with the perfect solution, since the company had more than 100 sets of various types of precision automatic lathes, die-casting machine, CNC numerical control lathe and perfect testing equipment and professional and technical personnel.The company in accordance with the ISO9001:2008 quality management system and total quality management (TQM), make the company's quality management improvement.